Larb without rice?

Or how about without sticky rice? I love pork larb, and want to make some tonight, but couldn’t find sticky rice. I have other rice at home, so ideas about subbing would be welcomed, but I’m wondering if I can enjoy it without the toasted rice. I’m sure I can, but am I missing something? I remember making it with toasted rice years ago, and not especially liking the texture it added. I seem to remember it seemed a bit grainy.

I am at work and need to get off for awhile, but here is what I’ve found so far.

NYT is probably behind a paywall, but says “Whatever you do, don’t skip it!”

This pork larb recipe from NYT says it will still be delicious without rice. It uses jasmine rice.

This one says Jasmine rice is okay too.

Serious Eats says " other varieties of sticky short-grain rice, such as sushi and risotto rice, will not work as a substitute here."

We accidentally (H) ordered the sticky rice. It’s very sticky, also quite compacted. Give me regular Thai Jasmine any day. But H seemed to like it. You could totally do larb w/o any kind of rice. I happen to love the toasted rice powder, but ours didn’t have it this time. It is a bit gritty & I can well understand why some don’t like it. As far as making your own, I think you could grind and toast just about any rice. I’d advise against black or red rice though.


Aaaaand we are back to “cooking during a power outage”.

You can make it without toasted rice, but it will be missing an element of texture and flavor both.

That said, I use whatever rice I have on hand and it has worked fine - usually basmati (sorry SE).

Good luck with the outage - sorry to hear it’s a regular thing.