What's For Dinner #72 - Wait, Summer Is Almost Over? Edition - August 2021

Nicely done! How long do you think you can store the toasted rice?

As long as it takes to use up - it’s totally dried out and ground up, now in a little jar, so no reason it should spoil…?

I guess not. I should make it more often as well. Both husband and Iike it, and that’s no small thing. I used an Omsom kit last time, and it seemed like such a treat to have the little packet of rice.

Stumping for Omsom!


It’s funny you mention Omsom - I actually looked it up last week when I started thinking about Laab, and was confused by the lack of lemongrass in so many recipes.

Omsom Larb starter ingredients : Red boat fish sauce, lime juice, cane sugar, thai dried chili flakes

If someone doesn’t have a stocked asian pantry, it’s a great idea.

Also - no lemongrass?!


The rice is what sold me. I have a lot of stuff, but isn’t it supposed to be some kind sticky rice? I don’t have that.

Of course I over think it.

We have been here before… toast any rice, whatever you have.

I usually use basmati. Today I used calrose, because it was already out.

Who is coming to tell you it’s “wrong”? :rofl:


Happy anniversary!

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As freakin’ amazing as ever!!!


It actually goes stale on me every time. Next time I will try keeping it in the freezer.

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I don’t remember lemongrass in any I’ve eaten :woman_shrugging:t2:Just lime juice.

Is there a specific one? I’ve been posting lately but didn’t have time to read, but corn and pasta snuck into my subconscious. So it was yesterday’s dinner. Delicious, but no photo bc “creamed” corn tossed with anything looks like someone tossed their cookies :frowning:
My prep was to cook some bucatini, steam some chunked romano beans, and frizzle my single strip of bacon that wasn’t frozen. I took kernels off of 4 corns and whizzed them very briefly in the blender with some heavy cream, then warmed that up in a skillet. Pasta was tossed with the corn, beans, crumbled single bacon, and torn basil. It was delightful. Some in my party complained that corn is too sweet these days. But I don’t know where I might get less sweet corn. It’s bred that way now…


i would say this is my memory of the dish too, but lemongrass would certainly be a good addition.

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you pretty much made it - the NYT recipe:

*may be a paywall.


They always have a paywall. Looks like some differences, but effectively pureed corn to sauce a pasta and then flavor as you will. Seems like there might be multiple interesting variations.

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It appears that my invitation to these feast days got list in the mail. Please don’t think me rude for not responding. I would have been there in a flash!


I have to follow your method the next time I make a duck breast.

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I had never heard of it …

Thank you.

Interesting. I’ll see what happens to what I have left - can always reheat it to freshen.

Back on the hot dog bun routine - still had half a pack!

Pav Bhaji tonight - mashed up vegetables in a highly spiced tomato base, eaten with griddled bread. Today’s vegetables were: the last of the broccoli slaw, green beans, peas, and some sweet potato.

So. Tasty. Basically a butter (and onion) delivery device.



Before you think I went crazy with the butter, here’s a pic of the most famous (and tastiest) restaurant version - they plop a FAT SLICE of butter on top before serving.



damn, we were going to send out a search party for you, but bubbly happened…