Lamb liver, cooking ideas brainstorming?

Grill is an interesting option. Thanks for the avoid “potato chip” tip!

So many interesting recipes.
Maybe I should order more liver ?! And leave in the freezer, good ones are not easy to find.

I haven’t had bison liver. Do you now how it compares to venison or elk liver?

Depends on how I am preparing it.

If stir frying, I tend to aim for a bit of pink in the middle.

If sous vide, then no pink obviously.

I rarely grill liver, of any kind.

It’s less gamey and minerally than venison liver, and also less chewy and dense.

Not had elk liver.

My sister in law is married to a Mallorcan and lived on the island for quite a number of years. There was family pig that was raised and killed annually. It was a big family event when most of the bits were turned into salami and the like. But there were some things, like liver that needed to be cooked and eaten that d ay (or next). The classic preparation is a fry-up of the liver, potatoes, onion and peppers, flavoured with fennel. It’s a dish you come across regualrly on restaurant menus where it’s usually called by its Spanish name - Frito Mallorquin. In the local dialect of Catalan, it’s know as frit de matances - slaughter fry.

We went for dinner one night, where Pedro’s mother had cooked frito for us as a special treat. But there was something horribly chewy in it. Obviousl we had to smile and get on with swallowing it. Asked the sister in law later what it was - the lungs.

Wow, never cooked lungs, I bet it’s very elastic and you need hours of cooking.

What does lamb liver taste like?
I’m assuming it is tougher than beef or chicken liver if it requires soaking then tenderizimg in milk.

Only have ever had beef or chicken and
my typical prep for regular liver is quite boring.
I douse it with lemon the dredge it with a flour mixture with s&p sometimes I add herbs and fry with onions.

Lamb’s liver is probably the most commonly available in the UK. Growing up, I don’t recall any other sort. It’s obviously livery so, as youre familiar with beef and chicken liver, you’ll already be on the right track. Not as rich a flavour as chicken or pork. But fuller flavoured than calves liver - if your mention of “beef” implies liver from an older animal , then I’ve no experience of it as it doesnt seem to be commonly available here.

I meant calf liver I just haven’t had my morning coffee yet. :joy:

No worries. Beef liver is available here but not generally in the supermarkets. You’d need to go to a specialist supplier like this -

My supermarket at times sells beef liver. I usually buy the calf ones.

I suppose the taste, texture and flavor profiles have more to do with the animal’s age, sex and feed/forage than they do species. The venison liver I’ve had from alfalfa-fed does and heifers hasn’t been gamey.

I do that with all of the liver I eat.

It takes the “bite” out of the liver

That’s exactly why I douse mine lemon.
I’m looking forward to trying your method next time thanks for the suggestion.

I happened to be browsing Edward Lee’s Smoke & Pickles (this month’s COTM! June 2022 Cookbook of the Month: EDWARD LEE MONTH) and came across a recipe for Orange Lamb Liver Pate with Braised Mustard Seeds. I haven’t tried it myself, but as a pate lover it sounds wonderful! Here’s the list of ingredients - let me know if you’d like the instructions.


The recipe does look good and I also am a Pâte lover.
I have the book which is an interesting read.
It is a great book with a lot of lamb recipes.

OK! Will make this for a dinner party, will post back.

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My mind instantly went to pate, excited to see how this turns out!

This would be my use. Just makes the best pate, IMHO. I save my lamb livers just for this use. Pate away!

Haven’t had bison liver yet.