Labor Day Menus

Cooking out? Cooking in?

What’s on your Labor Day menu?

What are you drinking?

What’s for dessert?

I can’t answer any of those questions, but I’m looking for inspiration. Got any to share?

Lobster - corn - rose wine
The rest is up in the air.

Oh and a caprese salad before the tomatoes are gone . . . .


Birthday Party for twin grandkids at Son #1s.

He’s grilling:
hot dogs, Kielbasa and burgers.
We’re bringing:
Potato Salad.
Other Grands are bringing:
Cold Spaghetti Salad.
Son #2 is bringing:
Seven Layer Dip & chips, and a case of Shiner Bock.
Daughter #1 is bringing:
A Costco Birthday Cake.


How are those? I don’t expect them to be gourmet but have been curious for a kids party now and again

Probably In, as we’re going to be rainy in New England from Tropical Depression #9 (or whatever it turns in to).

I’ll be honest - I haven’t really thought about it yet. It’s not supposed to get much above 65° or so, so I might do a pot roast or pork stew or something similar. Definitely not typical Labor Day food, but it’ll be weather-appropriate.


Actually quite tasty. My daughter switched to Costco several years (and celebrations) ago from a specialty bakery she loved.


Agreed. Costco’s baked goods tend to be better than what you might find from many specialty bakeries, simply because they’re fresher due to high turnover. If I needed a dessert and didn’t want to make it myself, Costco is probably the first place I’d look.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll pay more attention next time!

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Pretty sure we’ll be cooking out! Smoked meat of some sort, probably ribs. Sides TBD but I’m sure my husband will want corn (I’m not a fan myself). We’ll see what looks good at the market and go from there. Doubtless rose or beer to drink.


I was going to host a band dinner, but half of my guys are busy, so… instead we’re just having a bunch of friends over late afternoon on Sunday. I’ll be smoking a big-ass pork shoulder and have an equally massive side of cole slaw for the vegetarians. People are bringing other grillables if they are so inclined & perhaps sides to share.


I got nothing. It happens to be my birthday tomorrow, so mom’s taking me to a local historic inn for lunch. It’s supposed to be beautiful here tomorrow, so I’ll try to get her to a local dairy farm for an ice cream dessert.

Sat & Sun will be rainy (I’d complain, but it’s been so dry for the last two months I actually welcome it). I’m meeting friends for a pub lunch on Saturday and others for a brunch on Sunday at a different local historic inn. We are oddly all born in the first two weeks of September of the same year.

Monday is tickets to the local AAA minor league team–probably sliders and fries.

Friday’s lunch will be a 1/2 bottle of Duck Merlot. Saturday & Sunday will be local IPAs.

Monday is lagers.

No cooking this weekend


Some cooking in but will be away at my cuz’s beach condo for the weekend. Very little cooking in. For me it’s frustrating since restaurant food is just okay. Usually mediocre and cost way more than eating in and I like my food better and don’t mind the clean up :disappointed_relieved:

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To my surprise, I found some gorgeous Angus bone in rib eye (thick!) steaks last week for $5.99/lb. Just us, and I bought two, so I’m mostly covered. Some onion rings and a salad, I think I’m good!


I’ll be grilling over oak wood a huge ass piece of prime beef from Costco Dario Checchini style
Drinking a bottle of Ridge Lytton Valley . While prepping and cooking whatever vegetables I find at the FM on Saturday . Now I have to think of a starch . Maybe grilled bread with a side of burrata and a little tomato .


Neighborhood BBQ for grilled hot dogs and Merquez sausages. Potluck: baking apple pies. Kim Chee clam dip with chips. Wine.


Happy birthday!

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Son moves into college on Sunday, puts a bit of a damper on weekend activities. No special plans, no special drinks, Monday will most likely be spent answering text messages like; “Did I pack my pillow? How much ham do I like on my sandwich? Can you mix colors and whites? How do I tell my room mate he snores?” Luckily he’s only an hour away so I will gladly drive his favorite pillow down to him.

I will live vicariously through all of your holiday festivities!! Have a few cold ones for me!!


For most of the weekend I may go down to the Jersey Shore (Bradley Beach near Asbury Park) and hang out with a few friends from childhood and early 20’s. One I still see very often nowadays, after many years of him being in the US Army. He has done almost non-stop tours since 1990, and retired as a full Colonel. (No fancy food or drinks. They are a partying bunch, but never developed a palate, much as I tried. Think cheap-ass beer and frozen burger patties and hot dogs and store bought potato salad. Yuch! I will have to forage something from the wild local stores.)

Then, on Labor Day one of my best friends is providing his place, and I am arranging, a reunion of friends who hung out on bridges many, many years ago, 30-40 years! Two foot bridges around a mile apart, over a small river, one in the woods, the other by a small waterfall. We had around 20-30 teens, who would hang out on a regular basis. At almost any time of day or night, and any day of the week, year round, snow, rain, or blazing heat, we hung out on the bridges, for about 7-10 years, and then less so after that. A major party scene that was within a 1.5 mile walk of any of our homes. Or 1/4 mile walk to parking or a late night diner. Drinkables, smokables, and dropables were to be had at all times, and you shared with all. The main bridge we hung out at was right on the intersection of three towns, and also on multi-use County property, this multi-jurisdiction was much to our benefit. Out of a dozen police raids over the years, no one was ever caught. (We were a loud bunch, early users of the first boom boxes, and vocal too.) Also right near the main bridge was a train trestle we hung out under if it rained, and there was a rope swing out over the river. Great for howling and screaming at the top of your lungs when a train went over. The rope swing was fun but you didn’t dare drop into the water. River was full of broken beer bittles from prior generations. We were the first non-littering generation and actually lugged in oil drums for garbage. As we got older we started to hang out at each others apartments, but younger folks moved in to take over, just like we did from older folks when we were young teens. High school kids still hang out under the train trestle today, but not on the bridges, they have now been “improved” with bike and jogging paths, and the park by the main bridge is now a nasty dog walking park. (The park is still nice, the dogs and owners are nasty, filthy, disgusting, and gross; who illegally let their dogs run off their leashes. I don’t like dogs or their owners anymore after being bitten severely at the park on two occasions as an adult. If I go there nowadays I carry a thick walking stick, and have used it.)

No spouses, partners, etc. at the reunion party; just original members of the group, male and female, will get together Labor Day to feast and imbibe and catch up and tell tall tales.

Assorted cheese and salumni and nibbles, and local breads.
Assorted Pot Luck Sides and Salads. I’m bringing home fermented super sour pickles (kirby’s from my garden), Ramp/wild garlic mustard kimchi (I foraged the ingredients), fermented, pickled eggplant (from my garden), assorted fermented hot sauces: Cayenne- 14 variety blend, Habanero- regular and non-heat Perfume strain, Ghost, Carolina Reaper, (hot chiles from my garden.)
I’m also supplying two, 40 oz. Prime Rib Steaks, cooked rare sous vide for 12 hours at 125F, then seared on hardwood charcoal grill.
Assorted sausages, From Italian to German to Portuguese; on the grill.
Burgers and dogs
Assorted deserts, pies, cakes, etc.

Experimental Whiskey aged with 12 types of woods, direct from the small barrel (Legally made, and taxes paid…)
Tequila and rum (I went to my storage unit and pulled out a mixed case of unusual bottles.)
Assorted spirits, craft beers and wines, and mixers.
A few pitchers of margaritas and other cocktails I will batch up that morning.
Fresh lemonade and limeade.
And I am sure a lot of other tasty victuals and libations.


Happy birthday, Kim!

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Sounds like a perfect day!

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