Korea: Seoul Tongin Market

Tongin Market
6 Tongin-Dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

We spent a rather enjoyable morning at the Tongin Market in Seoul, an easy walk 15 minute walk from the Gwanghwamun Palace. Didn’t really know until after we had already filled up, but Tongin Market is famous for their Yeopjeon (brass coin) lunch box. As in the good old days, you use Yeopjeon (w5,000 for 10 brass coins) and select and fill your lunch tray with delicious goodies from the many very friendly venders for about 1 ~ 2 coins per portion. This is a great way to sample a variety of foods, some that may be new and unfamiliar.

We arrived quite early, while most venders were just finishing their set-up. The Yeopjeon lunch box operation was not fully set up yet, so we gladly purchased our eats the “new” fashion way, with legal Korean tender.

First bite was a battered Zucchini bite, super eggy. Second was a sausage with sweet rice center, nice grill char.

We had to wait for our KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) man to finish setup. Worth the 20 minutes to get the fresh out of the hot oil bird. Along with a nice Vegetable Mayo Salad and an icy rice drink, relaxed among the locals at an outdoor gazebo. Perfect Pre-lunch.

A great variety of prepared and raw foods available. Produce, seafood, legumes, other dry and wet goods.

Lots of cooked foods that were easy to sample for less than a U.S. dollar each. No wonder this place was PACKED by the time we left right before noon.

We will be sure to return. You can bet we we will do the Brass Coin Tasting Lunch thing!!!


Great concept - so we can have a DIY tasting meal at the market. :grin::+1:

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Haven’t been. Will do next time.

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Thanks for the tips. We plan to do a lot of markets food on this trip. Seoul has so many markets!

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