Korean trip: must eat dishes + restaurants recommendations?

Going to Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island in a week’s time, any food tips, restaurants recommendations, or must visit and do things (food wise or not) are welcome.

I read all the fabulous posts here, but in case I miss something. Thanks.

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You have a great itinerary, we want to do the same on our next trip.

I’ll jot down some places and eats from our recent trip, and hope they will give you some food for thought.

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That will be great!! Thanks in advance!

My favourite dish while in S Korea was bossam. This is from Busan, it was good. I was actually looking for somewhere else so not entirely sure of the restaurant name but I will try and track down the specific place.

Bingsu, a iced dessert with condensed milk is big in Busan this was from Sulbing, Haeundae Station.

In Jeju there is a lot of black pig which is very tasty. Lot’s of places doing it.

If you go to Seogwipo on Jeju then going to the pork patty stall in the indoor market is a must. Minced pork wrapped in a fine crumb. I was in Seogwipo 5 days and I had one every day. They come with a thick soy or chilli sauce.


Thanks a lot for black pig tips, so far I read a lot about seafood in Jeju. Bossam looks yummy!


A question on travel to Jeju, did you go by plane or ferry? If ferry, how long and which type of boat did you use? TIA

HI @naf. I flew from Busan to Jeju. I don’t think the ferries go every day and it’s about a 12 hour journey. I got talking to someone in Seoul who had taken the ferry and he said it was also pretty uncomfortable. I manged to get a good deal on Korean air so the price difference wasn’t all that great. I also flew straight back from Jeju to Seoul.

Thanks! I saw some express boat about 5 hours, I too read about ferry too long 12 hours and very basic. Plane is only an hour from Busan. Jeju back to Seoul by plane makes sense!!

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Hi @naf

Hope you get a chance to hit the Tongin Market. Fun and delicious time.

Korea: Seoul Tongin Market

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Gwangjang Market in Seoul is a great food market, mega fun. I had already posted on this market on another thread.

Lo and behold, Mark Wiens just posted a video about this market today. Worth a watch, if you are into the video vlog thing.


Thanks, actually this is the spot is the highlight of our trip, the hotel we booked is very close. We are looking forward of the place.

Actually I have a question on dried seafood, do you see them in Korean market, do you think one should buy them in Korea or rather in Hong Kong for the price and quality? Looking for fish roe, dried shrimp and scallop etc.

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Didn’t see much dried seafood in Korea, then again, we weren’t really looking. I think Hong Kong is the definitive dried seafood place.

I hope you will visit Jagalchi Fish Market when in Busan. (You must!!) Most awesome fish market I’ve ever been to. Not in regards to variety, but the quality, freshness and liveliness of the seafood far surpassed any I’ve ever encountered. Anywhere.

The actual market building itself is surrounded by an entire seafood loving/vending ecosystem. There is a long alley shooting off the main drag totally lined with tiny fish stalls, restaurants, cute little sheds where you huddle around a table top bbq to cook your “catch”. There, we saw some dried shrimp and fish.

One morning, we had breakfast at a total local’s joint, deep into the local’s fish market street. A real friendly lady cleaning a tub of mackerel was so welcoming, we couldn’t resist.

Kimchee, Bimbibap, grilled Mackerel for breakfast, just as the city was waking up. Super fine!


Since the freshness and quality of seafood food is high there, I’m just wondering… I will try to find if I can find anything there.

Very cool. Looking forward to your Jeju trip notes. Jeju was on our itinerary, but subbed Daigu because of the logistics of travelling with 2 other adults + 2 children. You are in Hong Kong now? Island or Kowloon side?

Wouldn’t hurt to pick up a little dried seafood in Hong Kong, I always regret not stocking up. After we return…

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Sure will! I’ve already bookmarked Mike Chen’s video a while back. Not sure if I’m going to Stall 183. LOL.

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Best AYCE Korean BBQ ever. DW picked this place, and we did not realize that Mikey had done a video on it already (or didn’t note). This is in the middle of a booming area that has everything, night street food, upscale desserts, KFC, etc… a real fun area in Seoul.

We splurged for the W15,900 deluxe set. Quality of meats were quite good, soup, rice, etc… self service buffet style. I’d do that again, in a heartbeat.



Following is the addresses in the Mike Chen AYCE Korean BB video above:

1st place :
돼지상회 Gangnam 11, Gangnam-daero 98-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul KOREA http://bit.ly/2xN7qhX

2nd place:
통큰갈비 258-12, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea http://bit.ly/2NVh7EX
Charcoal fire + melting quality meat

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Fish markets in Seoul, is it worth visiting? Or should I wait rather in Busan or Jeju. Thanks