Knife Recommedation: What are some good $80-150 Western Style Chef's knives? This one, only it cost me $28 out of pocket with a sale of additional 20% off and the use of a WS GC I had from a product failure good will gesture.

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That looks like a sweet piece even at $99. Looks like both the serrated & non serrated have 15 degree blade angles which is in line with the internet mystery knife. Haven’t held either but given how long a “good” knife can last when properly treated I don’t think a person can go wrong with the top of the line “H” or “W”

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It was $79 at Williams Sonoma when I bought it; with tax and shipping minus the Pottery Barn gc I got in addition to a refund of $780 for a bum slipcover, it was a Very Sweet Deal. I just used cutlery and more here for a bigger picture.

You can’t go wrong with that!

I’m glad you think so, since you were so disapproving of my use of serrated steak knives long ago on CH. :wink: I’m going to have to buy the non serrated Pro, too. I just love the way this one feels in my hand.

Ouch :joy: Thats funny.

I just don’t like sawing steak. With the ceramic rod its just too east to clean up straight edge steak knives.

I’m too lazy, and I eat steak a lot. But I make nice, clean cuts. I use a Chef’s Choice for my knives, and a steel on occasion just before use.

But back to this serrated chef’s knife, a first for me; it’s wonderful on delicate tomato skin and hard stuff, too.

How long do you have it?

Since mid August or so.

I think there is a big difference in quality / sharpness between the forged serrated chef’s s knife you got and the typical stamped serrated blades out there. I have a 20 yr old forged Wusthof serrated bread knife that has never been sharpened and if I pulled it across the palm of my hand under its own weight it would cut me. We also never cut on anything but soft boards.

I actually have two other serrated knives, one a two dollar bread knife that cuts like a razor after two decades of use, another a new offset bread knife of much higher quality that’s no better at cutting. Gotta love it. I use the cheap one because it goes in the dishwasher, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Personally, I would’t spend my money on either a Henckels or a Wusthof when the stamped Victorinox are around. Although, you can get a forged Victorinox … made in Germany.

I’m just not a fan of hot-forged German knives, I guess. :smile:

My buddy. :joy:

LOL, yeah, finally found the trail of breadcrumbs over here … :smiley:

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Our cookware section is still growing. However, some of our regional boards and the home cooking boards are getting busy.

I have funded several kickstarter campaigns and have gotten some great products. I see the campaigns as falling into 2 major categories: the first is developing a product. The funders get the product, usually at a really good price. I got an amazing locally produced spice rack this way. Also a “make your own bitters” kit. The second category is the “help me finance my business” campaigns, and I agree with you. WTF, isn’t this what banks are for?


I’d suggest you look at a Mac. I bought my son one and we were both impressed with it. He has been a cook and I have just had a lot of knives…
I love my big, 8-1/4" Boker and like my medium, 7" Shun and I have lots of workhorse Henckels.
My favorite is a 6", 2mm thick bladed Japanese knife that is a dream on tomatoes and lighter veggies. It is two steels, laminated, and the cutting steel turns black while the rest is Stainless. Was not that expensive. I think I discovered it through a recommendation and ordered it directly from Japan. Have no idea of the name. I can’t read Japanese!

Well… I did love the Bobby Darin version of the song…

Hi Chem,

The Wusthof Xline was sold as an exclusive by Williams-Sonoma as the Wusthof Precision. When they were discontinued, I purchased two 3.5" paring knives ($35 ea.) and one 6" Chef’s knife ($50). I gave one paring knife and the 6" as gifts to close friends and kept the second paring knife. It’s terrific!

They are sometimes available as Wusthof Precision on EBAY, but no longer at the prices I paid. The Xline version is available online at Chef Knives to You and at Amazon–but at prices more like the Classic Ikon (or higher):


Why not a fan of hot-forged German knives?

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