June 2022 Cookbook of the Month: EDWARD LEE MONTH

My spouse can’t play pool very well, but he ATE UP that chili. :smiley:

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I like a few other meatloafs to eat straight. The good in this one is making all the things and eating it as an open-faced sandwich. The runny egg porn doesn’t hurt, either. lol


Believe it or not, it’s time for July COTM nominations (but please carry on cooking from Edward Lee’s books).

I remember loving those cherries when S &P was a COTM on CH. Made them several times and then got enamored by some poached cherries in a Suzanne Goin cookbook and forgot about these. I definitely need to revisit.

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RED CABBAGE - BACON KIMCHI - Smoke & Pickles, p. 166

While the spicy Napa kimchi in this book has been a staple in my house for years now, this is my first time with this recipe. A giant red cabbage in my CSA box was the needed prompt. I skipped the bacon, which the author says in the headnote is fine to do. But instead of just omitting it, I compensated by using smoked salt for part of the salt in the recipe. All of Mr. Lee’s kimchi recipes follow a similar pattern. There is a paste made of sweet rice flour, water, and sugar. The “guts” include all the non-cabbage ingredients. In this case, red onions, grated carrot, green apples, chile flakes, fish sauce, garlic cloves, ginger. Bacon, if used, is added at the end. For the fish sauce, I used a homemade vegan fish sauce. I noticed the amount of chile flakes called for in this recipe is significantly less than in the Napa kimchi. I used two different brands, one of which is mild, and the other hot, and blended them to get what I felt would be a nice amount of kick for the kimchi. Mr. Lee calls for keeping his kimchis at room temp for 24 hours, then refrigerating. I don’t do that. I like a more fermented flavor, so I leave them at room temp for 4 or 5 days, then let them cure in the fridge for another week or two before digging in. He suggests that the kimchi will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks. I suggest that it will keep indefinitely. I have let the Napa kimchi age for a year or more in the fridge. It only gets better.

So my kimchi was three weeks old as of last night, and it was time to crack a jar open. Mr. Lee suggests serving with bratwurst, so I cooked up some Beyond brats, and served on a mound of kimchi. The kimchi was excellent, mild enough that you can eat a pile of it, but still with some kick. The apple was a welcome sweet/sour note.


Oooh, this sounds so good. I might make it for my meatloaf/coke/bourbon loving, southern raised husband for his birthday.


You should. Make it all together. It’s like putting some south in your mouth. lol


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I make this brisket quite often. I love how it’s pretty hands off until the very end. I think a lot of brisket recipes are that way, though. Anyway, I make it pretty much as written with a couple of tweaks. I use large chunky vegetables so that they don’t break down from the braise. I tried to add in veggies later on, but getting two layers of foil back on while everything is hot and steaming was a PITA. I would rather have slightly mushed veggies. I make the braising liquid in a pitcher or some other vessel and only use enough braising liquid to come to the top and discard the rest. I serve the leftover glazed with sliced brisket. But I loosen it a little further and add in some hot braising liquid.

Anyway, I bought a Super Bowl BBQ package with ribs and pulled pork and added in my brisket to the mix. It was enjoyed by all.