July 2022 Cookbook of the Month Voting

Welcome to voting for July 2022 COTM. Nominations were all over the place this time, with 24 different books nominated but none getting more than four nominations. Two met that threshold, and we’ll be choosing between them: BLACK FOOD: STORIES, ART, AND RECIPES FROM ACROSS THE AFRICAN DIASPORA, edited by Bryant Terry and FLAVORS OF THE SUN: THE SAHAD’S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING, BUYING, AND USING MIDDLE EASTERN INGREDIENTS, by Christine Sahadi Whelan. Below each book link at the end of this post, you’ll find a link to its index at Eat Your Books, showing the name and main ingredients of all its recipes, to give you a sense of the book.

To vote, use the fork-and-knife icon to like the post below that corresponds with your choice. If you change your mind within the edit menu, deselect (and change your vote if you want to) the clicking the same icon. Otherwise, indicate the change in a reply to this post. Please vote with the intention of cooking from you chosen book and posting about your experience here on HO, should it win.

Voting will close on FRIDAY, JUNE 24 at 11 PM GMT/7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT.

Peruse the recipe index here.

Peruse the recipe index here.

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not interested in either.

To vote for BLACK FOOD, please use the fork-and-knife icon below.

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To vote for FLAVORS OF THE SUN, please use the fork-and-knife icon below.


This is a hard choice, because I’ve been nominating both of these books repeatedly. So I just had a look through each one, thinking about how they would work for July. I’ve decided to go with Flavors of the Sun, because it’s much more summery. Grilled stuff, interesting marinades, summer veggies. Black Food is more of a year-round round, not really geared to a particular season. It would do well in the fall.

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I have the same reaction as Mel; I love both books and have nominated both several times. I can’t decide, would be happy for either, and won’t vote.

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I don’t have either book… yet. So I went and looked through some of the recipes and stuff. And I leaning toward Flavors of the Sun as well. And it might be the cocktail recipes pushing me over the edge. lol

I am not going to vote, but I will try to do at least a couple recipes of whatever wins!

Under 24 hours remaining in which to get your votes in!

Voting is now closed. I will create an announcement thread for FLAVORS OF THE SUN and link to it here, when I do.

Here’s the announcement thread:

July reporting thread is up!

Join us for the August COTM nominations: