July 2022 Cookbook of the Month Announcement

In July, we’ll be cooking from FLAVORS OF THE SUN: THE SAHADI’S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING, BUYING, AND USING MIDDLE EASTERN INGREDIENTS. and its variety of recipes. Please use this space to discuss the book, and on July 1, a reporting thread will go up for sharing our detailed experiences with the recipes.

For those members of public libraries that offer use of its app, the ebook edition of Flavors of the Sun is available on demand via Hoopla.

To see how we got here, check out the nominations and the voting.

And please continue adding your reports on Edward Lee’s recipes , as well as any prior COTMs (you’ll find links to reporting threads from March on here, or can post about earlier books here.


I’m thrilled about this book being selected for COTM. I bought it back in the fall, shortly after it came out, but because of an extended trip to TX, I wasn’t really able to cook from it until early this year. But once I started, it became a real go-to book for me. One tip for people cooking from the book: pay attention to the two-page spreads that give “Ten more ways to use _____” (za’atar, dukkah, or some other ingredient). There are some great ideas in there. Unfortunately those sections are not in the table of contents, but they are in the index, under “ingredient, uses for”. The suggestions ARE also indexed in EYB, so they will show up on your search there.

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Thanks for that Hoopla tip, @CaitlinM ! I have been using Libby to check out ebooks, but I saw my library also offers Hoopla, and there is so much more available there, especially cookbooks. I already have this months book, but this will be a great way to preview potential purchases going forward.

Ebooks on Hoopla will show up in my library’s online catalog when I search for a specific book, but I’ve also discovered a lot (including cookbooks) just by browsing and searching directly in the Hoopla app and using the favorite feature for future reference. Since everything’s available on demand, you can always just check something out again if you still want access. One tip, especially given the variety of media Hoopla offers—including audiobooks, movies, and music—is to check on your library’s supported number of downloads per month, though.

Reporting thread is up!

Time to start nominating for August!