Jimmy's Asbury Park, NJ (Prior-Ho’ Down- Now open discussion)


Wow…I missed a great one it looks like! I just literally got back to my house from the worst wedding I ever went to in MA. Holy shit, I’m just left baffled and scratching my head. It is a story I can tell at the next HO down. Lol.

I’m glad you guys had a great time. Any pics of this veal seal?


I agree 100% with @NotJrvedivici @seal @CurlzNJ! As wonderful as the food was, it was all that much better because of the company.

My favorites were also appetizers, especially the calamari, scungilli in hot sauce, and the stuffed artichoke. I had the bragiole special pictured above. I liked it a lot, especially the sauce - which was a classic red gravy like someone’s grandma would make.

Last night was the perfect event to give up my Jimmy’s virginity- I’m sure now I’ll want it all the time.

(David) #43

No pics, but it was at least this big:

(Jeff) #44

Great people

Great dinner

Too much good food (not that this a bad thing)

Too much PDA between @seal and @NotJrvedivici (not that there’s anything wrong with that)


I forgot…I did take one other photo:



Oh man…so I have to ask you and jr: how does that jimmy’s parm compare to ron’s?

Ps…go big blue! I’m feeling a win tonight!

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I’ve never had the veal parm at Jimmy’s but it’s not a chop like Christine’s so it’s not a fair comparison. The sauce though I would put on par with each other.


I want that now!

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I agree. I mean, pasta got started as the cheap food for poor people. (During the Depression, Mayor LaGuardia had his mother’s recipe for Pasta e Fagioli published as a way to cook a cheap, nutritious meal.) I understand the sauces take work, but honestly, for most of what they serve, they could give half the price to a soup kitchen and still be making a profit.

And that sauce up there looks mighty watery to me.


Should we get a veal thread going? I don’t recall any

(Mishy Poo) #51

and I got a nice cup of whoop cream with Sprinkles to prove it! Or are they Jimmies? haha get it?

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Post some Picture Of The Park because I Didn’t went there.

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Just for the hell of it combines with my love for this place I’m bumping this thread up. Since this is my birthday eve and tomorrow is a Friday in Lent I decided to come here for an early birthday dinner.

I was so excited when my chicken scarp came I neglected a photo, but as I enjoyed my martini I remembered to take pics of @CurlzNJ favorites!! For those not familiar Jimmy’s pretty much has a cold antipasto on the bar whenever you go.

(FYI I re-named this thread to make it more Jimmy’s specific vs. Ho’ Down specific as this thread was started)


Greaaaaaaaaaaaat. Now I just want to plop down at that bar!!

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It’s honestly ridiculously good!!


Happy Birthday!!!

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Thank you!!

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Happy Birthday!


You’ll note that it’s all of your girlfriends who chimed in on that… :rofl:

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Thank you very much!!