Jimmy's Asbury Park, NJ (Prior-Ho’ Down- Now open discussion)

(Joon) #21

I’m in!


We’re still in – 2

(Junior) #23

Susieqq3 how about you still game??


Sorry. No. Unexpected guests coming for weekend. Maybe next time.

(Junior) #25

Bring them!! I’ll make sure to take my med’s and be on my best behavior. (@seal actually does carry a taser in just in case I have one too many vodka’s) Hope to see you next time!!

(Junior) #26

{{lights flickering}}


Unless I hear other wise here is the attendance as I see it:

@CurlzNJ 2
@BossaNova 2
@seal 1
Me 2

10 Total

Reservations will be made for this Saturday Sept. 9th for 7pm. I tried to move it up a bit but it created too much of a conflict. I will be there early between 6:30 / 6:45 first round is on me. If any last minute people wish to join us let me know.

If you have any questions message me here…

Look forward to seeing everyone at Jimmy’s !!!


By early, I’m guessing you mean 6:30-6:45? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Junior) #28

Yes, corrected thank you!!

(David) #29

For anyone interested in pure bacchanalian excess, get there early. I will be eating meatballs off of @NotJrvedivici 's rock hard abs as he’s sprawled across the bar. The real action starts at 6:45. :fearful:

(Junior) #30

The only thing worse than being made fun of is having to google how you are being made fun of. :rage:

(Jeff) #31

What time should we arrive to be absolutely certain to miss seeing you eating @NotJrvedivici’s balls?

(David) #32


And get it straight. They are Jimmy’s balls, they’ll just be on @NotJrvedivici 's abs.

(Jeff) #33

I see nothing remotely “straight” about your infatuation with @NotJrvedivici

(Junior) #34

Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa as I was just thinking about the upcoming Ho’down and the recent Sir Paul McCartney sighting there, it reminded me of my celebrity run in at Jimmy’s.

Yes, that is me with Rosie from The Real Housewives of NJ. (Rosie is Theresa Guidice’s cousin from the show). I asked her if she wanted me to send her a copy of the picture but she declined. I guess the lighting wasn’t good enough for her to show off to her friends who she ran into. {{shrugs}}

If any of you lurkers were looking for a reason to join us Saturday perhaps this “star power” will help pursued you to come!!

(Junior) #35

Reservations are made (I literally forgot to do it yesterday until my wife asked me this afternoon) 7pm 10ppl under the name Junior. As previously stated you will find me at the bar 6:30/6:45 see you all there.

(Joon) #36

Hey, I’ve got a friend who wants to join… any idea if we’d be able to tack on a seat?

(Mr met) #37

So, how’d the big night go? Any chicken parm eating challenges? Did anyone run off with any Beatles or Jersey housewives?

(Junior) #38

No chicken parm but @seal had a very nice veal parm! No celebrity sightings but one again a nice gathering of some great people who enjoy good eats! Next time you need to join us!!

(David) #39

A nice and huge veal parm - a challenge would have been to finish that manhole cover sized piece of veal!

As usual the most important thing was the company. A great and large group of fellow HOs.


Company: Fun, as always. Service: Excellent. Food: As @VikingKaj says, delishus! This is old-school Italian done right – that’s for sure!
Starting with the enormous platter of excellent salami and the other enormous platter of soft cheese and crackers, we were definitely off to a good start (and as promised, drinks courtesy of @NotJrvedivici - thanks again).
We then proceeded to order an insane volume of appetizers and they were worth every bite and every calorie. I’ll let seal describe the mixed hot anti-pasta plate… I still say this is the best eggplant rollatini I’ve ever eaten, and even the fried calamari had us raving! Salad ( served family style) it’s an insane real anchovy paste Caesar dressing followed, and then the entrees-- which we honestly didn’t need at that point! Only photo I took all night was of the pork bragiole special:

That was $32, iirc, and highlights my one complaint, and it’s not necessarily about Jimmy’s, but about most Italian restaurants in NJ-- and the real reason I really think to go out for Italian food. It really grinds me to spend that kind of money for pasta . If that had been a $22 play and my shrimp scampi (FOUR shrimp) had been $16, I’d be singing a different tune. That said, the chicken scarp that’s the only dish @NotJrvedivici orders there was fantastic, and I don’t believe there any complaints about any of the other dishes.
I’m also not the person to talk about desserts, because I only had a taste of the cannoli, which was excellent. I’ll let others chime in about other things! For those of you who keep saying you want to join us, please make an effort to do so! We really do have a great time together.