Jimmy's Asbury Park, NJ (Prior-Ho’ Down- Now open discussion)

Title speaks for itself. Time to get your red sauce Italian fix at one of the Jersey shore area’s hidden gems. If you have never been to Jimmy’s you are truly missing one of the better “old school” Italian joints in the area. If you have been to Jimmy’s then you know what to expect. Everything from Pizza to NY Strip Steak to the best crab meat stuffed flounder at the shore, you will find it here.

While I stand by Jimmy’s food, I can promise you all no matter what you think of the food, the company will be worth the night out. (my company excluded from that proposal)

Hope to see some of the “regulars” look forward to hopefully meeting some newbies. (@corvette_johnny @VikingKaj)


I’ve never been to a Ho’Down . put me down as a “probably”

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YAY! Always fun to have new faces (NOT THAT I DISLIKE THE OLD ONES…)!

Oh, and I’m IN… :slight_smile:

I am excited for this one! I’ve seen that jr guy on Chowhound wax poetic about this place for years, I’ve only been once almost 20 years ago. We are going to order all the things.


2 of us are in. We’ve never been and are looking forward to trying.


I’ve never been either but I will be out of the country (hopefully eating great food).

I wish I could make this one, but alas I have family obligations that night. I floated the idea of all eight of us coming to join you guys at Jimmy’s that night but I’m not hopeful. @NotJrvedivici is right to heap praise on this place and I’ve eaten there many times.

Tip for any newbies - USE THE VALET. You do not want to park on the street there.


Can we change the title of this post to:

Roast of Seal, Sept 9th, Jimmy’s Asbury Park

Bring your embarrassing stories, pictures (I’m looking at you, JR) and anecdotes.


Bumping this up to remind you all that this is ON for Sept. 9th…for all of you who THINK you want to join us, you SHOULD. We’re fun. We eat well. Some of us drink well (and some don’t drink at all). Oh, and you’ll definitely leave with a @NotJrvedivici story. That’s sort of a given…

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I thought I had said this but it appears I didn’t… count me in for 2.

I had a change in my travel schedule (cuz I read the calendar incorrectly) and will be home on the 9th. Is this a dinner HOdown? If so, count us in for 2.

Yay! And yes…dinner! @NotJrvedivici do we have a time yet?

Huh? Time? Oh yeah it’s 8:55am as I type this!!!

What time works best? 7pm good with everyone?? Jimmy’s does have a liquor license and bar with the BEST bar “snacks” so if you go early there’s a place to wait.

7pm! Next week I will ask for final numbers and make the reservation.

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Perfect. We’ve never been and this will be a great opportunity to order waaaaaay too much food. And drink @NotJrvedivici

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Reservations will be made on Wed for Sat. Sept 9th at 6:30pm, can I get a final head count. Please confirm if you are going to be joining us, hope to see some new (and familiar) faces there!!!

With the change in time from 7 to 630 we may have to skip this one. I’ll see if I can juggle things to make the earlier time and confirm by Wednesday morning.

In + 1

Just SAYIN’.

OMG! STFU !?!?!??!

Even better is I"m from Edison and if I hadn’t gone to a private High School JP Stephens was my public high school!! I “dated” a lot of girls from there…OMG how old is she!!!

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