I've got two fresh pinapples from Hawaii!

Coffee Tree!?!

Coffee Tree

I found a few cold process tomato shrubs in the Kindle book “Shrubs”. Thanks to whoever alerted me to the sale on that.


Sadly no, but thanks for the guesses!

Dingus McGee’s Roadhouse maybe? If so they may have just changed locations because we couldn’t find it last time through the area. I remember that it was a big, funky rambling place, very near Auburn.

Oh!I thought you meant in Vacaville!

Oh sorry, I couldn’t remember where it was really, DH confirmed it was near Auburn.

Don’t think I’ve ever been to Auburn, so I can’t help there!

Shrubs are great in cold water, sparkling water or seltzer or club soda, or as a cocktail ingredient. I’ve also used them recently in hot water as tea (ginger shrub specifically).

Blueberry shrub would be great added to a gin+tonic/soda, or vodka+tonic if that’s your preference. Lemon or lime to finish. Or add some to lemonade (boozy or otherwise), or Prosecco or cava.

My sister and sister in law reminded me of the tomato shrub, and I have SO many. That one is good in vinagrettes and bloody marys.

Ah! That’s a great idea. I like a slightly sweet-tart dressing on some of my salads every once in a while.

New batch of pineapple vinegar.


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