I've got a bit of Masa. Puffy tacos, arepas, papusas, gorditas, sopes, huraches, panuchos?

Here is a thread I started on Chowhound and would like to continue.

Arepas, papusas, gorditas, sopes, huraches, panuchos…I’ve got a lot of masa harina

I am resurrecting it because I am thinking of making these puffy tacos from Serious Eats.
San Antonio-Style Puffy Tacos With Ground Beef Filling Recipe
He prefers fresh Masa, but I STILL have a lot of masa harina (Torti Masa) and masaarepa Goya).
It’s been in the pantry, so maybe it’s too old.

Here is something I found today.

What Is Masa?- thekitchen

Anybody have experience with fresh Masa, Masa harina, and Masa arepa, or with making fresh tacos, arepas, gorditas, sopes, haruchas, panuchos.

Also, is Masa supposed to be capitalized? My tablet keeps capitalizing it.

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A copy of a post with a few links.

I am back! This time making tamales, but with a few more masa choices, but no prepared tamale .

Tortimasa; https://www.google.com/search?q=torti

This one labeled “instant”; http://www.finecooking.com/articles/m

And white masarepa. https://www.google.com/search?q=masa+

More about masa harina; http://www.abreadaday.com/arepas-for-… Krisishere;

So sorry! Looks like I didnt answer your question. Here is one recipe I use. (Hope to ) be back soon with another. http://eatjamaican.com/recipes/beefpa

I usually go here; http://cooklikeajamaican.com

But there is a good one on chowhound using purchased empanada dough I think I like as well. If I find it in time to edit, I will add it. Jamaican Recipes JAMAICAN BEEF PATTY)


Too much fiddling, too much oil to deal with, not puffy, but nice flavor and texture with some very tasty taco filling.

More about fresh Masa vs Masa harina for puffy tacos.