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I have a great coffee maker - it is made in Sweden and had been distributed in the US by William Sonoma. It is no longer distributed here. They had their own brand of coffee filters that were great - never had a ground come through. Now that the coffee maker no longer available in the US, I can’t get the filters either. Permanent gold filters are not recommended for this brewer. I have tried several brands and am winding up with too many grounds in the last cup. Can anyone recommend a good #4 paper filter?

did you try sur la table

Have not gone on line but they might have the Technivorm which might work.


Nothing on this link. I’m looking at SLT


“If You Care” does a very good job:

Also available on Amazon

Might have been but the link doesn’t work. I actually was able to buy a back up at Amazon for when this one goes. The coffee is that good!



I use Melitta

That’s what I’m using now and grounds are getting through. They never did with the Wilfa filters.

I’ve been using their basket type . Just got the brown natural ones that haven’t been bleached. I wet my filters before adding coffee but the natural ones still have a strong paper taste. Yuck!

Back to the bleached ones.

Are you using pre-ground coffee? If you are grinding your own, what about grinding them a touch coarser so they don’t get through? We had an issue with our Delonghi espresso/cappuccino machine brewing the coffee really slow. Realized we had changed coffee types, and were using an oilier bean. I adjusted the coarseness of the grind to a slightly coarser ground and it started brewing at normal speed. Turned out that the finer grind was clumping together due to the oil and the water wasn’t getting through like it should.


It takes a standard #4 cone-type filter paper? And grounds are getting thru with the Melitta filter paper?? That’s weird (to me). I use the #4 in my TechniVorm and normally never see any grounds.
(Note: I’ve noticed that often, when I fold the seams over, a tiny tear appears at the corner where the two seams overlap.)

When I do a search for Wilfa filters, WS comes up as still having them ($2.98/100), but it looks like you can only get them from a store. Maybe you could have a bunch of them transferred to your local WS?

Melitta does make several different paper types (bleached, natural, bamboo), and it could be that a different type will filter acceptably. I have noticed in my TV that the natural filters flow water faster than bleached ones. I haven’t tried the bamboo.

Alternatively, you could try contacting a retailer in Scandinavia somewhere and try to get some shipped over to you. I did that a couple of years ago when I went searching for a replacement SwissGold filter. I found a shop in Denmark who had one and was willing to ship to the US. Shipping was more than the filter (and I got the feeling they thought I was nuts), but it was worth it to me.

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** very good point.

I use a bialetti on the stovetop (no paper filter) and had some problems when I bought different beans because when i ground the same fine texture i had before it was clogging. Adjusting the size of the grind fixed the issue

I am grinding my own, but won’t changing the grind effect the flavor?

Yes, it will. Have you already determined your preferred grind size (based on flavor)?
Also, unless you use a sieve to remove the fine particles, every grinder will generate a mix of both more fine and more coarse grinds. Espresso machines and moka pots use metal filters with pre-punched holes to allow water (and sediment) to pass thru under pressure, so too fine of a grind can definitely create flow-thru problems.

It will change the flavor slightly, but it’s not like going from a fine grind to a coarse grind. I’m talking about a subtle adjustment.

Also, a good grinder makes a difference too. A cheap one with dull blade is just going to beat up the beans whereas a good one with sharp blades will cut them more consistently. Dull blades will create an inconsistent grind.

I love my grinder. It’s an OXO and it measure for grams which is great, with a built in scale. Before that I had to grind and then weigh.

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