Is fourunder here?

(Robin Joy) #1

I hope so. A valued meat guru.

(Tom) #2

Fourunder runs close to my heart. Great contributor to meat cuts and grades and the real deal when it comes to cooking beef. I was suspended from Chow trying to alert Fourunder & other’s to H.O. He and A./C Gold and Brian were worth it. Hope they all make it!


I know him and have been meaning to send an email. Just did. I agree with y’all.


One of the home cooking CHs from whom I learned the most, hands down. A guru indeed.

(Junior) #5

I reached out to him but I believe the email I had for him is no longer valid. In response to one of his posts on CH I asked him to reach out to me and I never heard, however the post was eventually removed, I don’t know if he ever read it. Good guy.

(Elwood) #6

If I recall correctly, he owes us a dinner at Jimmy’s.

Maybe he’s ducking you?

(Junior) #7

Hey!! I was about to start a thread to ask if you were still here. Good to see you my friend! You are correct, as the matter of fact I was looking for that thread to drop another “reminder” for him to reach out to me, but I don’t recall what thread it was.

Hope all is well.

(Elwood) #8

I’m here - just unplugged last week. Started out for Montreal, but never made it past Vermont. Had a blast (and several feasts). Best laid plans, and all that.


I emailed him and didn’t hear back. I’ll give him a call. He’s a great host for dinner :slight_smile:


I all, glad to be over here, unplugged from the other place about a month ago…4 is definitely a great resource for me, and all things “meat”!

(Junior) #11

Welcome Phreddy! Hey there is a welcome to HO thread on General Topics if you want to formally introduce yourself! Either way welcome again good to see you.

(John Hartley) #12

Welcome Phreddy. Good to have another “What’s for Dinner” contributor from over there, now over here. There’s a number of folk you’ll know who are around - although not everyone is still using their their old Chow name, so there may be others who I just havnt worked out who they are.

MZ - speaking of new names… are you MGZ from the old place or someone else?



I’m here Mssr. Harters. :slight_smile:

(Junior) #14

Yes MZ is MGZ from the old place. Due to the paparazzi swarming him everywhere he went he decided to go incognito on this site. Kind of similar to myself, I felt I wanted a fresh start over here so I came up with a new, unique name for this site. Please don’t ask, I prefer to keep my previous identity a secret. Thanks.

(John Hartley) #15

Don’t worry, NotJr, his secret is safe with me.

By the way, Jr - are you and jrfoodie (above) related in some way? Cousins, maybe? Or siblings separated at birth? Too much of a coincidence for you both to be a Jr.

(Elwood) #16

NJr’s correct, Harters. The photogs were killing me. I actually had to jettison the “G” in order to leap aboard a passing ship near Del Mar. When I finally awoke, scurvy and malnourished, stranded on a deserted beach not far from the northern tip of Isla de Coiba, I realized that it had been holding me back all along.

(John Hartley) #17

I know someone else who felt held back by their “G”. They always said it felt like they were shackled to the past by a length of rope - they called it a G-string.

(Vanessa) #18

I would love to see Fourunder here. I just did his slow and low method two weeks back on a “practice” run for the holidays. It was spot on! I so appreciate all of his research and willingness to share! I hope all is well.

(Tom) #19

Thats all I use for roasting anymore is his low/slow method. So many people reaching out to him and no response does make one worry. :confused:


I’ll give him a call either later or tomorrow. He’s a MAJOR nightowl.