Is fourunder here?

I hope so. A valued meat guru.


Fourunder runs close to my heart. Great contributor to meat cuts and grades and the real deal when it comes to cooking beef. I was suspended from Chow trying to alert Fourunder & other’s to H.O. He and A./C Gold and Brian were worth it. Hope they all make it!

I know him and have been meaning to send an email. Just did. I agree with y’all.

One of the home cooking CHs from whom I learned the most, hands down. A guru indeed.

I reached out to him but I believe the email I had for him is no longer valid. In response to one of his posts on CH I asked him to reach out to me and I never heard, however the post was eventually removed, I don’t know if he ever read it. Good guy.

If I recall correctly, he owes us a dinner at Jimmy’s.

Maybe he’s ducking you?

Hey!! I was about to start a thread to ask if you were still here. Good to see you my friend! You are correct, as the matter of fact I was looking for that thread to drop another “reminder” for him to reach out to me, but I don’t recall what thread it was.

Hope all is well.

I’m here - just unplugged last week. Started out for Montreal, but never made it past Vermont. Had a blast (and several feasts). Best laid plans, and all that.

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I emailed him and didn’t hear back. I’ll give him a call. He’s a great host for dinner :slight_smile:

I all, glad to be over here, unplugged from the other place about a month ago…4 is definitely a great resource for me, and all things “meat”!

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Welcome Phreddy! Hey there is a welcome to HO thread on General Topics if you want to formally introduce yourself! Either way welcome again good to see you.

Welcome Phreddy. Good to have another “What’s for Dinner” contributor from over there, now over here. There’s a number of folk you’ll know who are around - although not everyone is still using their their old Chow name, so there may be others who I just havnt worked out who they are.

MZ - speaking of new names… are you MGZ from the old place or someone else?


I’m here Mssr. Harters. :slight_smile:


Yes MZ is MGZ from the old place. Due to the paparazzi swarming him everywhere he went he decided to go incognito on this site. Kind of similar to myself, I felt I wanted a fresh start over here so I came up with a new, unique name for this site. Please don’t ask, I prefer to keep my previous identity a secret. Thanks.

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Don’t worry, NotJr, his secret is safe with me.

By the way, Jr - are you and jrfoodie (above) related in some way? Cousins, maybe? Or siblings separated at birth? Too much of a coincidence for you both to be a Jr.

NJr’s correct, Harters. The photogs were killing me. I actually had to jettison the “G” in order to leap aboard a passing ship near Del Mar. When I finally awoke, scurvy and malnourished, stranded on a deserted beach not far from the northern tip of Isla de Coiba, I realized that it had been holding me back all along.

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I know someone else who felt held back by their “G”. They always said it felt like they were shackled to the past by a length of rope - they called it a G-string.

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I would love to see Fourunder here. I just did his slow and low method two weeks back on a “practice” run for the holidays. It was spot on! I so appreciate all of his research and willingness to share! I hope all is well.

Thats all I use for roasting anymore is his low/slow method. So many people reaching out to him and no response does make one worry. :confused:

I’ll give him a call either later or tomorrow. He’s a MAJOR nightowl.