Is fourunder here?

Thanks Cathy.

Tom, darlin’, you can call me Cath or Catherine but Cathy was my childhood name so if I could wean you off that…I’d like you even more :slight_smile: LOL.

Ok Cath :blush:

Thanks, Tom(my) LOL xo,c

Hi John, Nice to see you here too… :grinning:

You got it “CATH”

He and I exchanged voice mails yesterday. Hopefully we’ll connect today.

Great to know. With so many people saying they had reached out I was concerned for him. I hope you can connect and let him know that his voice (and inspiration) is highly valued.

Just had a text. He’s busy with family, World Series, etc. But will call soon. I’m going to forward this link to him. He’ll be please I’m sure. Such a rock star :smile:

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We had a nice phone chat. He’s well but busy. He has lots of family and friends and stays on the go. I forwarded this link to him and hopefully he’ll show up. He doesn’t participate much on CH any more. Just too much effort. Soooo all’s well :slight_smile:

The anticipation is killing me.

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oh thank heavens. long time lurker at CH and just found this place and had to say, since i’ve always appreciated it – so glad something to have stumbled on this. i essentially learned how to cook from many of you – fourunder, coliver, sam fujisaka, jfood (still use the braised short rib recipe religiously), etc…

Escaped, I learned to cook from those and others. And still have to look up jfood’s instructions for cooking a steak in a CI skillet. lingua and I learned to use our spanking new smokers thanks to CHs. Good folks.

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