Interested in a FL, NOLA or other regional board?

Please comment in the threads below if you are interested in building up the FL, NOLA, or other boards in this region:

Or create a thread about a region you want to build a board in the Site Discussion board.

Happy to start a Fl board with tech help.

Please let’s not split it into Miami Ft Laud/Rest of Fl which the Powers That Be killed on the other site. We travel further than 50 miles to eat in S Fl, no biggie to ride/drive an hour + for a restaurant or location. I live in Palm Beach County and can ride my Harley 200 miles for lunch, come home and go 40 miles for dinner in the other direction.

Anyway I digress …

Yes, I would be interested in having a Florida Board. I think that given the small number of participants at this point, in would be best to maintain it as one board for he entire state. It makes no sense to carve off a special section for (for example) Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, which might consist of three people out of a total board size of twenty Floridians. We should gradually increase the categories of Florida matters as the membership in Hungry Onion increases. It is good to be here!

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It would be nice to have a Fla board and would agree it doesn’t have to be regional. Not sure I would contribute a lot since I don’t eat out that much but when I am looking for a restaurant HO opinions would be valued

I would definitely like to see a Florida board

Yes to New Orleans!


I think a NOLA board is necessary!

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I’m very interested in a Florida board.

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