Infiltrating Chowhound

I thought you were golden again.

I must be on double-secret probation!

I did change my avatar to Sampson’s photo of a red onion… maybe that’s the real reason.

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Hmmm. Could be considered provocative.

Wait till they see my plunging neckline and scary-high hem…


I’m averting my eyes now. Those stiletto heels must be really uncomfortable.

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I’ve noticed when I search for recipes on Google, above the search results there are suggestions, the majority were from the Chowhound website. I wonder what they are doing, or it just my browser remembering things from the past?

That is my bet…but don’t take my word for it, I ain’t that bright to begin with.

The VIP in charge at CH is in charge of optimizing search results to maximize unique visitors to the site counted as clicks and referrals. That’s pretty much all they care about now. And they have moved WAY up in terms of ranking of web sites for traffic, which maximizes ad revenue.

About those ads; they have so little respect or concern for the forum participants (the half dozen left give or take) that moderators don’t see ads before they are posted and have no control over the ad content until offensive ones get reported.

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hmmm :smile:

Yea! You tell ‘em CO. Remember the good ol’ days when we used to tear 'em a new one? I lost track of the warnings, time-outs and excommunications. And then my attempts to sneak back on with aliases. :sunglasses:

Well, I still post here and on chowhound.

I mean they haven’t insulted me yet and as long as there is action there in the forums I frequent I’ll contribute. I usually just ask questions or contribute the same contents here and there. I like talking about food and I’m not married to any board in particular. Its not like anybody pays me to post. Do I agree with the new “clickbait” chowhound direction? Of course not! Does it rubs me the wrong way to see some of my post generate twitter clickbaits for chowhound? Of course! However, as long as I get more benefit for participating in discussions than the energy it takes to talk about it I guess I’ll continue.

Its not like egullet where I remember being asked for proof that I was in the industry when I tried to subscribe. Guess what? I’m not an industry insider and never pretended to be. I’m just a food enthusiast who likes to talk about food. You want a place where all the posters are industry insiders? Well, you got it. The Quebec section of egullet has been dead for years. I don’t even need to go there to read anymore because there is no interesting content.

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What fun we had!!! Our dearly departed Sam, Dawson and Veggo. You and Mark. Alan, Cindy, Gio (she was the nice one!). Were there more? And Sam and Veggo would get into the rum late at night and awake to a “Note from a Moderator.” LOL Yeah, I tried a couple of aliases that didn’t work. I’m truly no longer interested.


I joined egullet after the heave-ho from CH but contributed little. But I didn’t have to say I was in the food industry. Perhaps they’ve changed.

It was a long time ago… I think between 2005 and 2010 (ish?) that I tried joining egullet. I don’t know if they changed since them.

Yes, e-Gullet dropped the i9dustry requireme9t.

Well, I stopped by CH yesterday and someone had been allowed to post an ad for himself - as a real estate broker!


There was/is also a topic with someone attempting to get input for a new app that’s kindof like Yelp. When I saw it the topic had been going on for something like 7 hours and had started to drift toward some CH bashing. Curious.

I’m bumping this thread up, thanks in part to the thread “Chow Shenanigans” that caused me to sign into Chow for a first time in a looooong time. As I was checking out any new updates etc. I came across a thread that was started on my local NJ board by @sockster. As you can see the thread was started Aug. 21, 2017, exactly 1 month ago today! As you can also see it has -0- responses or comments…yes ZERO.

Ironically the same poster also created a thread here about the same restaurant:

26 West in Red Bank NJ

and what do we have? 11 replies and 255 views!! Looks to me like the Infiltration of Chowhound has been a success my friends!! To the Ho’s !!!


Well in this case success is relative since the chowhound boards are dead.

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So what is that, an Irish moresome with whipped cream?

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