More Chowhound Shenanigans

When you are locked out and can’t get your password changed there is NOTHING that tells you the parameters.


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Because they don’t give a rats arse for whether you use the site or not.


Are you saying that being “locked out” prevented you from reading posts on Chowhound? That’s not the case for me. I logged myself out and was still able to easily navigate to the “Important Information…” post that I linked to upthread.

I agree completely. Chowhound has made no shortage of bone-headed moves, and that’s definitely one of them. But I’m not entirely sure that there wasn’t some sort of popup when the new password rule first took effect, because I changed mine before the deadline.

I complained about this a month ago. Crazy that thry haven’t fixed something so simple as a login page.

CAKEDAY !!! Happy Cake day @hyperbowler !!

For what it’s worth my user name and password were saved and I signed on without having to do anything else.

Sadly looking at a thread that has new comments contained a back and forth between myself and my old buddy Veggo, RIP my man.

Also anyone have any 411 on MGZ / MG? That guy just dropped off the face of the earth.


Not really a shenanigan but I’m cross posting here since this thread has more attention. Everyone should pat themselves on their back for our collective work to bring this site to this point, and forward!!

Annnnnd there’s your reason, @Midlife. Because those running the show are idiotic.

Why should someone have to go searching? Why not have a very simple pop-up saying “We’ve changed our log-in requirements - passwords now require X, Y, and Z”.

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I’m saying I shouldn’t have to

I ran into the same thing but couldn’t be bothered to reset my password as there is so little action on the boards I am interested in anyway.

I just find the site ridiculous to use on my phone anymore. It reminds me of that old Dave Chappelle Show episode where he is trying to watch porn on his computer and pop ups keep filling the screen. There are ads at the top, at the bottom and sometimes floating when you scroll. It takes the pages too long to load so half the time I try to click on a thread an ad loads and I accidentally hit that instead.


I accidentally hit that instead.

Which can be very dangerous, since lots of sites host malware that can infect your device just by visiting.


Agreed. The revised site is incredibly un-mobile-friendly. Which makes it a no go for me.

I mentioned it in site talk a few times, and received standard marketing speak responses along the lines of: Thanks for your input! This is the next phase. Our engineers are working on it. Your input is helpful, we are forwarding this to our [other department] staff. Ad nauseum…


Nobody listened to your complaints because of this:

  • Worked closely with the site GM on product strategy, leading the site-wide re-design and unification of CHOW and Chowhound brands as, with updated technology stack, modern design, and new mission
  • Updated engineering process, including introducing branching strategy for team of 5 engineers to work more efficiently, shipping frequent updates under an agile framework
    - Worked with key stakeholders in Sales, Product Marketing and Ad Ops to overhaul monetization of the site, leading to record direct sales and programmatic revenue
    - Oversaw rapid iteration with SEO focus, leading to record growth in unique visitors and achieving record traffic numbers for a nearly twenty-year-old property

Well, I agree with that. But your previous posts made it seem like the information was unavailable (which it isn’t), rather than just a pain in the ass to find (which it is).

They shouldn’t. But there’s a difference between “I can’t find it” or “I don’t feel like looking for it” and “It’s not there.”

I know that can be a tough distinction to make, since I live with someone who says “There’s no milk” when he means “I can’t see the milk, even though the milk is right there on the bottom shelf of the fridge, where it always is.”

Honestly- You know I was annoyed that they constantly just said oops something is wrong instead of saying - this is how your password should be configured. This does not and should not fall on me, or anyone else, to figure out. If they are telling you oops something went wrong, why cant they say please follow password guidelines here - with a link? I am not in the wrong here. No, I did not feel like looking it up.


I got deleted after a poster asked for suggestions after Tropical Storm Harvey dumped 30-50 inches of rain on the Houston area. I suggested they post on HO considering the circumstances as maybe our small but loyal group of folks could help out. My response was gone the next day, even though I offered some valid ideas. Thanks CH, not.


Is that from the chief VP’s LinkedIn page?

So is everybody who has their panties bunched actually logging in to the CH site to post?

Because if they are I sure don’t see any new posts on the NJ board. If you go five posts down it’s two weeks old.

It’s even a week old if you go ten posts down on the NYC board. And one of those is gutreactions Oktoberfust in Westchester.

No traffic and no content.

Dead, dead, dead.

Why would you bother?

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