Infiltrating Chowhound

Your response is from a constipated person who’s check will soon be stamped un-employment!!! :slight_smile:

Geeze Tom that is just mean.

soooo… i missed whatever it was you regretted posting.


When I left CH I wrote a note saying I was fed up, something like that. Today, just for the heck of it, I tried posting a comment regarding Chinatown restaurants, and my comment never materialized…

Having recently become more serious about cooking and cookware, last year I joined CH and eGullet. CH led me here to HO.

Given that I never participated in CH before its forced metamorphosis into it’s current form, my impression of CH is based on the here and now. There is some very good content there and some very well informed and well intentioned people contributing to collegial discussions. I have found good information there, and have received excellent answers and advice to my questions. I will continue to participate.

There is some good content on eGullet, but the level of discussion tends to degenerate faster. There is a great deal of misinformed pomposity, even though there are some well meaning and well informed contributors. In my experience new members are treated with suspicion and are not welcomed - not a formula for survival or successful growth. In my experience, the moderators have shown themselves to be micromanaging busy-bodies, have engaged in arbitrary censorship and editing, and would make exemplary card carrying members of the fascist Thought Police. I will no longer post there. Participating in a culinary forum should be a fun and engaging activity and not a negative or traumatizing experience.

Hungry Onion is a newer community, and it is very welcoming and collegial. In my experience there are some very knowledgeable and forthcoming participants, and some very good and useful information here. As with any new community, HO does not yet have the depth of material in its archives that the two older forums do. It needs to expand its participant base, and over time the archives will become a repository of a wealth of content. HO has the underpinnings to grow and prosper successfully because it is a true community. I wish HO well, and I am glad to have found it.


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are you sure you’re not confusing Chow/Chowhound with eGullet?
my experience is completely the opposite of yours regarding moderators.

I also have to raise a big question on the vaunted value of years-and-years-and-years of pseudo-Yelp posts on eateries. places change - and a lot faster that the archives.

I follow
and sections
General Discussions

quite frankly, there’s precious little activity in either spot.
and quite frankly, no being a professional traveler, I have very limited interest in every corner diner from Maine to California.
these sites are far less about cooking than curled upper lip yelpers jammering on about their latest local cafe or bagel shop.

chowhound, HO, eGullet, ChefsTalk, (joke of the month) CooksTalkClassic, TheFreshLoaf, etc. and - none of these site are growing or expanding. it’s the same bunch of some-nice-and-some-ueber-obnoxiously-opinionated Internet (deleted description) types that have been posting there for years. show posts by reverse chronological order. used to be 2-3 pages of posts in the last 24 hours. now it is rare to have even a single page.

the world has gone to mobile devices, and anything that needs more than 138 characters to discuss is dying a rapid death.

HO is not exempt. check out the thread “Copper vs Stainless Steel Clad Cookware: Is it worth the $$$?” for a first class primer on how to post like an ass.


I think eGullet and Chowhound were popular in the era that blog and social network were just starting or not available. And with the years of existence, they have accumulated wealth of knowledge. The problem with the newer sites maybe like HO growing isn’t easy anymore, content isn’t unique anymore, a poster can now post the same message in 5 forums and in their own FB account and on the blogs. I look at the Chowhound Paris board, it becomes just an Q and A website asking for the latest restaurant recommendation for my coming vacation. Not that this type of posts not interesting, but I see things in growing in 1 direction.

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“In their right mind…”

Just sayn. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Torronto! Look forward to your contributions and help in our growth!

Many thanks NotJr!

I suspect they are using fake accounts to bump random topics in attempt to appear active.

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I’m ready to infiltrate, just give me my orders.

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You’re not cut out for infiltration, NotJr. You’re more like a sapper.

She has a way of bringing that out of me.

I just dropped in at CH and found someone had responded to a 5 year old thread - a question I had asked.


Better late than never… :joy:

I guess, but all the food I bought for the recipe went bad in 5 years!!


LOL, I just got the final warning.

My offense? In joking response to someone crowing about Boston restaurant patrons being the best tippers, I said the tippers at Mile High Stadium in Denver were the best (i.e., gentle ribbing about the result of last weekend’s AFC Championship football game 'twixt Boston and Denver).


You got a warning for THAT??? Shit.

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