Infiltrating Chowhound

I recently was “readmitted” to Chowhound. Under the heading of “Knowing Your Enemy”, this makes it much easier to see the latest unread posts.

I have also updated my profile there. I think all the Onions should (gradually) change over their avatars…


When I click on your link, I get a sign in page for chowhound. Once I sign in, I get my own (I never got banned) page of posts. After a search for you, I can see that your avatar is now the Hungry Onion but I don’t think your link is working.

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What link?

Huh. I guess it got edited out. There was a link. Maybe the OP realized it didn’t lead where they intended?

What would be the purpose of that ?


To let our Onion flags fly, of course.

They didn’t like spatulae…

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Granted, I got the boot much longer ago than most of you…but why do you give a shit about CH anymore?


Hi, Cath:

I’m working through my resentment at what they did to the community. My bad.

I do like to see what’s up (or not) over there, and not being in the Gulag helps me do it faster. Mostly vapidity, I can report. May also help in picking off the remaining stragglers on Calhoun Ridge…

FWIW, I don’t intend to post.



Do as you like my friend, who am I or anyone to judge you. I was never banned so I’ve been keeping an eye on things there, secretly wishing one day I’ll sign on and everything will be reverted to what it once was, ((sigh)) so far no such luck.

Chow doesn’t owe me anything, I’m thankful for what we had, but like all things in life things change and you can accept them or move one, most of us have moved on. I hope things here truly take traction and we can have here what once was there. So far I think we are off to a good start.

Chow you will see really is a ghost town…not much to see now that you are back in the good graces. Personally I’ve never had a problem with Chow…besides an occasional FU email from a disgruntled person, but hey there are worse things in life.


just let it go? the chowhound boards are not very active and it’s clear the desired model over there is no longer a discussion forum. the pages remain buggy and slow to load. however, click traffic is way up and that is what they want.

do you stalk your ex’s house too? :smirk:


LOL, I’ll let it go when they’re OOB.

It’s ex-es, but no.

You must be enjoying your time over there, though…

like i said: it’s pretty dead there, so there isn’t much to do, but this board isn’t a hive of activity either. sure, they botched the roll-out but your personal enmity against a corporation is meaningless. it’s not like cbs will go down in flames while you rub your hands together all evil-villain- style.


You have it all figured out.

I would also say why go back? If they made me King for a Day I wouldn’t go back.
I have yet to find a place on the internet where there is any activity for New Englanders like there once was on Chowhound. Is Yelp and Trip Advisor fulfilling all the needs of travelers or those looking for something new? I don’t see hardly any questions or discussions on Egullet. I see my notifications for new topics here for Boston, New England was off. Fixed that.
Looking over the New England posts I see the same ol, same ol that was on Chowhound; that Bostoners think theirs is the only universe and make no distinction about where they are referring to. I will mention that in that regional board.


I’ve sort of lost interest in whether Chowhound lives or dies. If it dies, I’ll miss the archive of restaurant reviews of places I might want to visit - but such is life.

I continue to check out it’s UK/Ireland board on the off-chance there’ll be something interesting. There hasn’t been. I’ve posted to a couple of threads here & there but am adding no new real information.


And check this one out for a resurrected thread. Previous post in 2009 but get the latest one.


Yup, one total post, out of nowhere. No profile.

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There was one on my local New Jersey board, new/first time poster, who simply posted “ok” in response to someones comment. I called them out, politely with a “Welcome to Chowhound, care to elaborate on your first contribution to the site”…bot the “ok” post and my comment have been removed.

Who or why would anyone in their right mind join a site to just say “ok”? lol

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There’s only room here for one wise ass and I believe that would be me!! (Just kidding, wise ass away my friend)