Induction Tips?

I have decided to scrap my Electrolux glasstop since the burner died and it will cost a bundle to even have the guy look at it to fix . I have been looking for an excuse for years. I’ve decided on an induction range. I understand there is a learning curve with indication. Does anyone have any tips?

Ilove my induction cooktop! I went from electric glasstop to induction, and I didn’t find much of a learning curve.

The burners won’t work unless the pot is on them. You can put a small pot on the burner that has the largest outline. The burner only heats up wher the pot sits.

Things heat up incredibly fast. When you turn the heat down, they also cool off very quickly.

I love frying now. I cover my cooktop with paper towels, including between the pot and the cooktop. Fry as messily as I want. Then just pull up the paper towels and toss them. A quick wash for errant splatters, and you’re done!

The cooktop is very prone to scratches. I found that out after I scratched it. But, it’s something that I use, and I’ve gotten over the fact that it’s scratched.

I love it’s quick response time, and I’m so glad I made the switch.


I don’t own one but have used them while traveling, at my brother’s house, and at friend’s houses overseas many many times.

I love them, no complaints.

There are only two things that I would say were a “learning curve” for me -

  1. getting used to what level produces what heat. I’m used to gas and you can just look under and see the flame level. You can’t do this with induction and a “4” hasn’t always been the same from stove to stove. But as Heidi mentioned, the temperature change is quick when you make adjustments so it isn’t that hard to adjust to.

  2. The controls - this has happened to me more in Europe than when using them here in the US, but I have locked burners off somehow, I have had trouble getting burners to come on, and for one stove it only seemed to react to my S.O.'s fingers and not mine. I would like to believe that if it was my stove and I had at least scanned the instructions most of those problem’s wouldn’t have happened.

Sounds great! Is there anything special you need to clean the top with, like you do for a glass top electric?

Because induction is so quick and precise you may find induction cooked foods are ready before the rest of the meal. There was a bit of a learning curve for me but I think i’m a better cook for using induction. I don’t bother with a double boiler any more. Water boils so quickly that cooking pasta takes hardly any time. Meals come together quickly. The best part is how easy it is to keep the glass top clean.

I am so excited for that part too!! I hate cleaning my glasstop electric. Do you use anything special to clean it?

It’s coming Saturday!!!

I just use the windex multi-cleaner. The one that’s yellow. It seems to pick up the grease, and leaves a nice shine.

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Here it is! Isn’t she pretty!


Nice, but I don’t see the induction, I see your 2 ovens.

You’re right! I’ll take a pic of the inductions part…duh!

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Great! So your first input?

I’m still reading! I boiled water though! I’ll post when I’ve used it more!

Hi Gwenn,

See how effectively you can control and hold a simmer with your hobs.


Yes, so,I’ve heard! Couldn’t do that on electric.

Look good. Enjoy the new stove.

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So far, I’m very happy. My only issue is that my cooktop is marked with a cross rather than a circle for each burner. I am having a hard time centering my pans on the burners. I boiled water very quickly, sauteed some mushrooms to perfection, but my bacon was unevenly cooked since I had a hard time centering the larger pan. Anyone have any tricks?

Ouch! Mine is with circles. I guess when you put a pot on the cross, you should look at the 4 parts of the cross that is not covered with your pot, they should be equal in length. With time, you will get used to it.

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Yes, you would think. But the saute pan covers the lines!!! :unamused: