Induction cooking- gas is bad?

My wife is getting antsy after this article came out.

Anyone have experience with induction cook tops? Good, bad different?

Antsy which way?

As in replacing our gas stove that we are planning on purchasing for our remodel and purchasing an induction cooktop instead.

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I wanted to try induction after having “heat control” issues with my radiant stove. I picked up an induction hob/burner and am very much enjoying cooking on induction. So much so, that I started saving up for an induction stove. I can’t wait to get rid of my current radiant stove!!
For the record, gas is not an option for my area.
If you are on the fence about induction, just purchase a single hob/burner and see if you like it. As a side note, double check your cookware with a magnet to see if it will work with induction.


During a recent renovation project we replaced our gas cooker with an induction hob and separate oven. The induction hob is not as controllable as the gas cooker. It takes too long for the control panel to respond when something is about to boil over. Also the changes are discrete not continual as the gas cooker was. A new set of pans was necessary as aluminium does not work with induction. I am not convinced that the hob achieves the same higher temperatures as gas rings were capable of doing though having taken no readings prior to decommiissioning the cooker my observations are highly anecdotal. Had I known this ahead of the renovation would an induction hob be my choice? No! Empathically no.


My main recommendations for gas would be:
1.) You use a round bottomed wok for real stir frys.
2.) You require a large dual burner grill.
3.) Your power goes out often for sustained periods of time.

I find induction to be more than responsive enough, and while I can’t remember the last time I boiled anything over, on my model a single finger tap instantaneously shuts off the burner. In fact, I find the 0-10 settings (as well as the temperature setting) to be more consistent for delicate sauces and seafoods than trying to dial in the precise heat on gas.

Other pros for induction include:
1.) Way easier to clean.
2.) Much cheaper to run as I am on propane for my gas cooktop and it is expensive.
3.) Can’t accidentally leave it on.
4.) No worries about venting.

The only other consideration I would have is long term reliability. While I have not had any issues so far, due to the technology involved there is a lot more that could conceivably fail on induction versus gas (or even radiant).


We moved to a new home 2 years ago with a wolf induction range. Prior to that we’d had a gas range for 10 years. From my research, there are power and quality differences in Induction ranges across brands just like gas, so you can get more/less responsive and powerful ranges. The brand we have is Wolf and it’s been great. WAY easier to clean and gets hotter than our old gas range. The one big difference in gas vs induction is that you can’t gradually dial up the heat- most all of them have buttons ( level 1, 2, 3 etc) to press to increase/decrease the heat. For me, the benefits of Induction outweigh this and it was more a matter of getting used to the heat levels and induction. I now feel like I can always get to the temperature I want quickly and easily.


Gotta say I have a number of recipes for braises, sauces, etc. where I have actually included the heat setting along with the times… every time perfect without having to think about it (or measure temps).


I would arrange for a demo wherever you are planning getting your appliances–anecdotes will not sub for your own personal experience.
I have already decided though–when we remodel, I will be changing to induction, as even before the recent studies (the health ones, the enviro stuff I figure evens out by other choices) came out, I was convinced by my personal experience that I was not happy with the fumes I am being exposed to several times daily as the primary cook, and I will not be bending to my husband’s like of “cooking with fire.”

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Yes, I have a cheap $20 camp stove that runs on butane. The last time our power went out, I dug that out of the closet and made dinner with a head lamp on.
Not my best dinner, but it was a hot meal (eaten by battery powered lantern… not candlelight)

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After years of cooking on a gas range, we moved to this condo that forbids gas stoves. As soon as I could reasonably afford to replace the pile of hot garbage that was the radiant stove top, I did so with an induction one. My only complaint is that I wish there was a setting somewhere between what this one calls “simmer” (narrator - it did not simmer. It sat.) and the next click up on the dial, which sometimes bubbles a little more vigorously than I’d like. I compensate by doing much of my braising and stews in the oven, which works fine. That being said, the heat control is excellent on the stove top when moving from low to high and high to low. I absolutely would buy this again.


Have you seen this thread?

I’ve been using induction for 20 years. My current Bosch cooktop (only the 2nd in that time) is performing as well as the first. I would not go back to gas for love or money, and I’ve cooked on commercial ranges. Apart from instant responsiveness, a huge standout is how much cooler your kitchen is with induction. I say this as I wait for a pot of potatoes to boil on a new radiant cooktop in a vacation rental. Induction for the win.

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