Induction burner cookbooks and/or web sites

A friend just moved into a house with an induction cooktop. She is used to cooking with gas (as am I) and is looking for some direction. Any good cookbooks or web sites that you can recommend?I’ve done some searching on my own, but thought I’d ask the experts. Thanks!

I have induction for 8 years now and I use normal cookbooks and websites that is intended for all types of fires. Except I need to get rid of my round bottom wok and a small aluminum sauce pot, I keep everything.

For wok cooking, I use a large pan, works better than my cast iron wok (not hot enough on the side).

Relax, it is quick to adjust, just beware that food heats faster than with gas. And remember to turn off the heat when not in use. I forgot several times, and got empty burnt pots .