In Order of Preference, Your Top Three Favorite Pies

We’ve had quite a lively discussion on the pie crust thread, about not only crusts, but what defines an American pie.

Thought it might be fun to list our favorites.

I’ll start

Key Lime Pie
Blueberry Pie
Lemon Meringue

Let’s hear yours!



Lemon Meringue (on the tart side)
Coconut creme

Do you like your peach pie baked in a double crust? I like mine fresh in a baked crust, spread with a sweetened cream cheese layer, the fresh peaches (drained) and topped with freshly whipped, sweetened cream with vanilla. Pure bliss. The thin cream cheese layer helps the crust stay crisp.

That sounds heavenly! I like peach pie any way I can get it! I just don’t come by god peaches very often. I have better luck with apricots these past 10 years or so.

fruits of the forest pie
peach pie
strawberry rhubarb pie

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Not very American… at all.

Terrine de campagne. Especially pâté croûte de Lyon.
Turkish lamb “pide”


Steak & kidney
Cheese & onion
Pork (eaten cold - Leicestershire style, or hot - Cheshire style)

Apple (double crust)

Lime / Lemon

Steak & Kidney
Pork Pie
Minced Beef & Onion
Very similar to John’s @Harters. Not that surprising as we’re both in the UK and I think we have quite similar tastes in food. However there is a notable regional difference. Cheese & onion pie is very much of the North West of England ( where John is from.) Whereas minced beef & onion is what they serve in pie & mash shops in London where I am. Nice to see there’s still a regional difference despite global influences on food tastes. Maybe like dumplings it’s a dish that maintains it’s regionality?



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Also eaten hot with mushy peas and mint sauce in Leeds, particularly on bonfire night.
I had it a few times when I lived there and it was surprisingly tasty ,though I still prefer my pork pies room temp (never fridge cold,)

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Cheshire pork pie is a different beast from the Melton Mowbray type pie. First recorded in Hannah Glasse’s cookbook in the 1700s, it’s basically a pork and apple pie, in shortcrust. I’ve actually never seen a commercial one, as such, but do make it at home.

As for a guilty secret, ever since childhood, I’ve enjoyed pork pie (room temp absolutely) with a tin of baked beans. Promose not to tell anyone, otherwise my foody street cred will be shot to shit. :grinning:


Lemon meringue
Rhubarb custard (single crust)
Fresh peach with a lattice crust


… or a combo of any of the above

I Promise not to spill the beans! I have a penchant for shepherds pie with baked beans & HP sauce.

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Thanks, mate. Your secret is also safe with me.

Actually, we often put a good squirt of HP into cottage pie, as it’s simmering away.

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I have never seen a raspberry only pie filling.

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