If you could only pick 2 spices or sauces aside from salt and sugar

I guess the idea is more like what two things would you put in your bug out/survival bag. What would you pick?

My two things are two great tastes that taste great together! Even if I had to just eat rice, these two things would keep my palate engaged. LaoGanMa Spicy Chili Crisp and Oriental Mascot Hot Flv. Salty Marinated Powder.

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Pepper & coriander.

Is chilli a spice? If so, I’ll have that instead of the coriander. Although I will sneak the coriander back in whne you’re not looking.


It’s funny @Harters I was wondering that as I posted. I went with yes for my choice :slightly_smiling_face: Although being chili/hot oil made me wonder even more…

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Spicy Chili crisp is a condiment made up of about 11 ingredients. That’s not a spice. (I have a huge jar in front of me right now, so I looked. I am crazy about it too!) May as well say ketchup or mayo. Nor is sugar a spice. Oh well, it’ s your game, your rules!


I grab paprika and black pepper most frequently.

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Lmao! I actually thought about choosing sriracha mayo too. Condiments count. Oh and I wholeheartedly disagree about sugar being a spice.

Black pepper and Vietnamese Nuoc Mam sauce.


I play your game by your rules. That’s the law, even when I think the law is wrong.

So, I keep my pepper but I swap my coriander and/or chilli, for ketchup. You simply cannot have a bacon butty for Sunday breakfast without ketchup. That is also the law.

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In this case, should change the title to 2 spices or sauces.

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I don’t consider sugar to be a spice, myself. I don’t use sugar in any of my cooking and I rarely bake. Salt, pepper, garlic and chiles I guess would be my choices.


Let it never be said that I can’t take constructive criticism.


Since it’s been established that the term “spices” is being loosely interpreted, I’d have to go with garlic and pepper. Though truth be told, I have two full shelves of spices and herbs and a fridge door full of sauces and condiments.

Ketchup on bacon? And I thought Americans were Philistines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I waited until the definition of “spices” was sorted.

  • Chillies. I’m a big fan of chillies.
  • Garlic. Vampires run for the hills when they see me. Say no more.

Yes, but not smoked bacon. Ketchup on smoked bacon is an abomination. If you must have moistness on your smoked bacon butty, then it has to be brown sauce. Preferably HP but Daddies will do at a pinch.

By the by, I question the validity of the rules if garlic is to be regarded a spice. Is it not, horticulturally, a vegetable? Not a herb - which would be the leaf, flower or stem of a plant. Nor a spice, which would be a seed, bark or root of a plant.

If we are to have such a wide definition that pretty much now includes anything, then I am going to have to change my pick again. I now choose pepper and custard.



Again I respectfully disagree. I like mayo and tomato on my smoked bacon sandwich. If it’s a chip butty then ketchup please

For breakfast?

Seriously have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I think mulling choices like this kills brain cells. But, what the hey…

I’d choose White Pepper, and Rosemary. I’m not afraid to use Rosemary in anything I cook.

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You Yanks, eh? Crazy as a box of frogs.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold