Ideas for using canned smoked tuna and canned smoked salmon

I bought 3 tins of smoked salmon and 3 tins of smoked tuna at a craft fair last fall.

How would you use it? I could make tuna or salmon casserole, fish cakes or sandwiches. Looking for other ideas.

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In salads
On flatbread
In eggs or egg benny
In an avocado
On toast

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Yes, was thinking of the tuna mousse that @Rooster has recommended in the past, made with either one.

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Maybe not the season for it, but there’s a great white bean salad with tomatoes, onions, and tuna - the quality makes a difference there.

If it’s specialty product, I wouldn’t hide it in a soup or fish cake. Simply on toast or in a sandwich without a lot of enhancement, or a non-mayo salad, or similar.


I’m not sure about canned smoked salmon, but Mrs. P makes a delicious penne with smoked salmon, capers, onions, etc.


I would make a Salade Niçoise with either one.


Gorgeous dish …

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Have never seen smoked salmon in a tin or can, here …
However, I buy Scottish wild Smoked Salmon and we enjoy it with:

Canapés … with capers, Vinaigrette, an arc of red onion slice and Creme Fraîche.

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise … (Sunday Brunch) …


What I have is a different type of product than Scottish smoked salmon, Nova smoked salmon, or other refrigerated smoked salmons.

This tinned fish will flake like tinned salmon or tinned tuna. It won’t have the texture of cured salmon.

It has more in common with regular tinned salmon, than refrigerated or vacuum packed smoked salmon.

Thanks for your ideas, might still work!

The flaky salmon would go good with the pasta dish.

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The same here, never saw that here. Only sold in slices under plastic filmed bags in the fridge here.

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