Ideas for a large cookout

Our small beachside community had a barbecue cook-off on July 6, and the residents came up with a lot of original ideas that actually tasted good, and were a lot of fun.
Here are a bunch of 1,000 word substitutes, most self-explanatory –

buffalo deviled eggs


Those were smoked Cheetos.

Well, there are 15 others photos and some text and context here for this who want more –

It was a light-hearted and fun event – a big success despite the heat.


Wow, that’s an amazing feast! Not a lot of vegetarians there, I take it? :wink:

Can you tell me more about the watermelon chicken? Does it just get steamed inside, and did the watermelon impart any flavor?

Ha, looks like so much fun! I too am very curious about the chicken in the watermelon. Is it a convenient and fun vessel for cooking, or was there any imparting of flavor on the chicken? Or did it also keep the chicken moist? I can see the high water content to be a good or bad thing for chicken skin in particular.

What was the thing that looks like a giant meat log in the shape of a flower? [Picture 3] I’m sorry if that is a bad description; it was not meant to be derogatory. :smile:

It looks to me like the chicken was hidden after the cook…

I want to know what the sliced sausage stuff is!

The sliced sausage was smoked bologna – and pretty good, although I prefer a thick cut. IT has sweet (to me) spicy (to others) outside. I think he scored it before he ran it through the slicer – thus the floral (?) disguise.

First you hollow out the watermelon and use if for the things for which you use watermelon. Then you season the chicken with such seasonings as you like – a. lot of them, apparently, and stick the whole thing in a smoker for I don’t have any idea how long or at what temperature. It comes out moist, but I - a hater of dry breast meat, would put it in upside down. That isn’t really necessary, but I’ go all out to maximize. It did have a somewhat smoky flavor. There wasn’t a watermelon flavor. Ther was sweetness, but that may have been from the rub. With all that moisture, I’d want a good bit of salt and some hot stuff, but that’s me

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The skin was a sacrificed. Cooked enclosed in a watermelon, there’s no chance of crispness. Still, it tasted good. – and it was indeed moist.

Not a vegetarian in sight, as far as I know, but there were lots of sides to eat. You only saw the tip of the iceberg in sides.

You know what was surprisingly good? The smoked Cheetos.

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If only they’d been the correct, crunchy kind :wink:


I’m not sure they’d absorb enough smoke – but I take your point

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You were there, I wasn’t, but the watermelon in your photo looks suspiciously pristine. I would have expected the bird cooked in such a sarcophagus would wind up looking poached, not roasted.

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That was my conflict with that photo. Must not have been cooked/smoked in the watermelon. Looked cool, but I’ll stick with my usual chicken preps.

Fen event, though. Great way to eat 'n mingle.,

They were the best of times, and the worst of times…

Nah, that was back in the 70’s. :slight_smile:

It definitely was cooked in the watermelon. Low and slow

The bird wasn’t roasted. The top was on the watermelon as it was cooked. That photo was taken before cooking was finished. The melon was more beat up when he took it off, but still holding up


What, no beer can?

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It (the chicken) props on the beer can hole, so I don’t need the can.

Now THIS photo shows the melon looking like it had been cooked. Thanks.

But I have to ask… Are you sure the raw bird went into the melon and came out browned like that?

“consider the madness of roasting a hen inside a hollowed-out watermelon with soy sauce and a lemon. This profligate recipe, unattributed but definitely emanating from Hawaii,”

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The brown is the liberally applied spice rub. It takes a lot cooking in a watermelon

This is a very suspicious group.