I Suppose It Had to Happen...

Disney copper cookware.

I actually think they’re cute. I bet they do well if they aren’t too much more expensive than the standard lineup.

I dunno, you think 640 Euro is the standard stocker price?

Here’s another consideration: Those finials are so tall, and the copper covers are so thin, I see a lot of bending and breaking to come.

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After a closer look it seems it is about 20% higher then the Historia line they’re based on. And I have no idea how good that lineup is… it is certainly not for me. But if it was I don’t think I’d have a problem with the extra 20% if I was a Disney fan.

sigh I suppose you’re right

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Ah, for a second, I thought they were going to make cookware that appeared in the Disney films.



I like Disney, but not a huge fan to the point that I want them on cookware. I don’t mind having them on my coffee/tea cup (in your other post).

My only Ruffoni piece is the 13.7L stockpot. Its cover’s simple loop handle is much shorter than these outre finials.

‘Disney Home’? I guess the Alice in Wonderland towel set I had is now extinct.
I thought your post was going to be about Smucker’s buying Hostess :laughing:


Disney Copper cookware - Only in the US.

Perhaps Lego will be inspired and start to make 9-ply cookware soon………



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Ruffoni is a little too fussy looking for me, but haven’t ruled out a future purchase. Hard no on the Disney edition.

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You’re assuming that these will ever see a kitchen…this is for collectors, not cooks.


If you want Italian copper pans, look at Rameria Mazzetti in Montepulciano or Navarini in Ravina (Trento area). Excellent quality and much less fussy design.

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I mostly agree. My only piece of Ruffoni is the pot-bellied 13.7L stockpot. I think I paid $50. NEVER would I fork out €640.

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Thanks for that recommendation. I’ve been eying those for awhile. I don’t really need another, but those are beautiful, it’s tempting.

My copper addiction started almost 20 years ago with a visit to Cesare and Isolda’s shop in Montepulciano. Mazzetti is very high quality, and reasonably priced. They’d be perfection if they used cast iron handles.


Absolutely agree about the handles!

Our copper obsession is of more recent origin. I was browsing online last year and read Dan Gritzer’s Serious Eats piece about copper cookware. He mentioned speaking with Jim Hamann of East Coast Tinning/Duparquet Copper in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Well, that is only about 6 miles from us. The rest is history.

I’ve invested in Brooklyn rather than “Duparquet”, and am friends with BCC’s owner, Mac Kohler.

I’ve been collecting long enough for it to irk me that Hamann just appropriated the famous Duparquet name. What I’ve seen of his production looks nice, though.

This is the first copper pan we purchased:


3mm copper, about 12 pounds. A real behemoth.

Jim does good work. We also have a smaller frying pan of his and a refinished oval Bridge roaster from the early seventies.