I need a remedy- slightly dry pork chops

I overcooked some lean pork chops so they’re dry. Any ideas for how to turn them into something more palatable tonight?

Was thinking to attempt something closer to enchiladas or in a Cuban-inspired direction with cheese and ham. Not sure whether I should mince it, try to braise it, etc

Mince or food processor. I’d choose the latter, adding a bit of liquid or something to moisten it (like a dollop of apple sauce and a smaller dollop of mustard). Processed, you’ve got a sort of rillettes. It’s what I tend to do with leftover roast pork, so it shuld work with chops.


Add them to soup. Make a bbq sandwich. Diced for fried rice. Frisbee!


Cooked them how?

They were baked in olive oil & lemon. Usually I pull them out at 160 to 165 (someone here can’t tolerate any pink) , but they were thinner than usual, and I was focused on my sides, and I accidentally left them in until they read 175ish on my thermapen. Very firm but not burnt.


Repurpose to a cutting board.


I’d dice them up and do a super flavorful fatty braise and re-cook the hell out of them… then shred for something like tacos, enchiladas, taquitos, etc.


Or do that and then crisp them up as carnitas for the same uses.


I’d just chop them up with some cleavers until fine, add some enchilada sauce and water, reduce, and you’ll have enchilada filling. Might even want to throw some diced onions in when you cook them into enchilada filling. Onions and enchiladas are best buds. Cheese and onion seems the filling I get most from the Mexican moms near me.


Fried rice.
Otherwise make an empanada gallega with peppers and onions. The chops will soak up moisture once allowed to simmer in that filling for a bit.


Further cooking won’t do them any favors. Lean chops don’t have the connective tissue that would break down in a braise.
I would slice thin and gently warm with a sauce, or chop and serve in a soup.


Granted… but I use this method a lot with frozen cooked turkey/chicken breast and it works quite well. You won’t get pulled pork from it, but sliced/cut up pieces in a buttery braise adds moisture and favor.


What did you do at the end? I thought your original idea should work out nicely as well as many other nice suggestions.


For next time, (and there’s always a next time!),

Just tell them you were trying a new recipe and they’re supposed to be like that.

Call it “Porque du Sec”.


They were ok the first night. I warned my DCs they were dry, but no one complained. I was trying to make them into something easier to chew or less likely to stick in the throat the next day.

I ended up getting Mexican takeout last night .

Someone had microwaved the pork chops at lunch to reheat, then decided not to eat them, so I don’t think I will be trying to save them now. There are only 1 1/2 pork chops left.

I will keep this post as a reference for the next time!

I guess pork salad is also a thing!

OK OK, real answer:

Chop them fairly finely and use them for fried rice.

Or beans.

Or vegetable soup.

Or an omelet.

If all else fails, use them to bait a possum trap and use THAT to make a stew. :smiley:


My possums are busy eating up evil ticks! I want my possums to live long and fulfilled lives. :grinning:


I was going to suggest pork salad sandwiches. Chop fine or grind, add celery and mayo. Or the same thing you would do for chicken salad.


Put them back in the oven and cook them some more.

Make them more dry.

Dry as possible.

Then de-bone and shred the meat in a food processor.


You have homemade Chinese pork floss.

Use liberally in things like rice porridge, grits, and even savory oatmeal.