I just ordered six dozen oysters!

They’re here! And my camera is on the fritz.

Grassy Bar

Grassy Bar


Breakfast! For some reason the little ones (Kumamoto and Kusshi) have a lot more liquor this morning. They didn’t need the mingonette, which, by the way, I read should be served with a fork, so you mostly get pickled shallots and not vinegar.


How do you eat them? Chew or swallow?

When you’re done eating them raw, oyster po’boys should use up a bunch. Enjoy!

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I TRY to remember to chew; I’m sure I’ll remember more often after the first dozen.

Thank you!


Chew too.

Mr. naf swallowed in the past, now chew.

Should be talking about this?

It’s an oyster, not a pill. If you’re trying that hard to avoid tasting a particular food, maybe…don’t eat it?

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I never do that, I find it weird. But I heard many swallow, so I’m just wandering.

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I’ve never heard that. The only reason I can come up with to purposely ingest something you don’t want to taste is if that something is disgusting but useful in some other way. Like aspirin, or a jello shot. But oysters are neither intoxicants nor medications, so it is a mystery.

I am not AVOIDING chewing, but some are small and swimming in liquid, and need a bit of suction to get them in your mouth. Next thing you know…

Over the last few days I’ve read about the importance of chewing. This isn’t the one, but chewing is mentioned.

how-to-eat-oysters- Forbes

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I chewed the last two dozen. I will next get an early chew on B’day cake.

Well done Raptors.

Are birthday greetings in order?

Later this week, but I like to start the party on Memorial day weekend.


Happy upcoming birthday! Let the festivities begin! And may they be just the beginning to a wonderful upcoming year!


Thank you! And I chewed three of the last oysters for breakfast this morning. Only six left and those are still alive. I ended up tossing three of the Grassy Bars, as they didn’t close when I tapped them.

Thank you Texas Food Ways, Robb Walsh, and a man I have great respect for Bryan Caswell for the huge increase in oyster prices. They tried to manufacture something that isn’t there and the consumer pays.


Place oyster on tongue, smash against roof of mouth, chew, wash down with remaining liquor, repeat.

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