I have so many tomatoes I'm going to make gazpacho tomorrow!

Usually our garden crop of tomatoes is too meager and we hoard them for BLT’s and other sandwiches, but this year the garden gods have been good to us and we have a bounty, Need to go to the market and buy a red pepper, a jalapeño, a red onion and some basil (our poor plant bit the dust). We have Cherokee Purples, Old Germans, Celebrities and several varieties of tasty cherries, I’m rich!! Feeling unusually extravagant…



In case you haven’t seen this.


Love gazpacho. Hate peppers, or rather they hate me. I make mine with tomatoes, cucumber, celery, basil, tomato juice and oil, a little vinegar, and salt to taste. It’s quite nice with some chilies or pepper flakes too. I like it chunky so don’t blend the whole lot, and I prefer it without any bread. What about you?


I use V8 juice because we always have it in the house. I make mine in a food processor, I like it chunky. Peppers don’t cause me discomfort, but too many cucumbers do. I peel and deseed them. Sometimes I top it with a small tad of sour cream, but that’s just me. When we were in Spain, we found very smooth gazpacho in refrigerated cartons like orange juice. Whenever we had it in restaurants it was silky smooth but served with lovely chunky condiments, including herbs and croutons. I always looked forward to it.


I love it silk smooth with chunky condiments!

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