I borrowed the new Kenji Alt Lopez "Wok" book (small review)

I did read the Food Lab and it was a good book by Mr. Kenji.

His new Wok book is more about recipes and less about analysis. I think the Food Lab was more analysis and less recipes. So this book is sort of the reverse.

He has a section on choosing a wok and comments on the various Asian ingredients (soy sauce, shoyu etc.).

But it’s mostly traditional Chinese stir fry recipes. I cooked a lot from Fuchsia Dunlop’s books so I didn’t see that many new recipes here. They appear to be very traditional Chinese dishes - twice cooked pork, cucumbers and pork, etc.

I’ve been cooking Chinese cuisine for quite a while but most cookbooks appear to be traditional recipes - so all the same thing.

I think Shirley in Top Chef came out with a book with Chinese recipes that seemed more modern.

But if you already did a lot of Chinese cooking and know the main traditional dishes, this book might not be something that new.

Just my 2 cents. Feel free to disagree : )