How do you Hummus?


Not out of the question but I hit up WF a few weeks ago…nada

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From an unlikely recipe source. Placeholder post.


I have a pound of chick peas soaking in salt water in the fridge. Will be processed for hummus soon, on my day off Wednesday

We go through hummus at a pretty good clip. It ain’t all dips and chips


WF doesn’t carry it- see if their store locator here is helpful

Or their website offers free shipping to order it (comes in double pack), amazin sells at about same cost by single jars

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Tahini has become its own topic in my head. Off to start a new topic on it😉

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I noticed :joy:

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“Add ice cubes as hummus mixture blends. This is a trick I learned from my mother-in-law who is a master of the Levant kitchen. The ice cubes help in whipping the hummus into a creamier texture–kinda like freshly churned ice-cream.”
-from The Mediterranean Dish blog

Worth a try.


Sounds interesting.

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Okay, the ice cube suggestion is outstanding. Smooth as silk. I used two cubes and a bit less liquid bean broth.

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Every try black chickpeas with black tahini hummus?

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And another for the list.

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Awesome. Must try.

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Soom is selling date syrup to retail customer now. I have been inquiring since last May. Just placed an order. Delicious sub for sweet syrups.


Kinda a riff on mujederah minus the rice. Growing up “jederah” as we called it was topped with the most delicious over caramelized onions

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I don’t have it often but thats a delicious dish.


Date syrup mixed with tahina makes a great spread to mop up with bread.


I bet it does. Kinda like halava


We learned about it from an Iraqi friend.


I call it liquid halava. I often mix honey and tahini. That is liquid halava. The date would give it more character


I LOVE that stuff! Made a more simplified version that I basically lived on my first few yrs after college when my paycheck never went far enough, so now it’s a bit nostalgic !