How do you Hummus?


Too funny, i make that often (it’s used for a lot of vegan recipes) just soak dates in hot water and then blend with some of the soaking liquid.
Though I’m sure Soom’s version is more smooth and a better texture- I can’t be bothered with a sieve

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I will report back on the Soom version. I plan to bake chicken legs brushed with silan, use it in place of sweeter syrups and the Soom site is already posting recipes using it that look exciting.

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My Soom silan order and anothe jar of tahini, this time the organic version just to compare, arrived today. Soom’s recipe page has already started populating ideas using the silan. First up, roasted carrot and parsnip drizzled with date syrup.


You know I checked out their recipe page in the last couple of days. I think they have some great ideas but it looks quite clear to me that those recipes are not tested – or at least not rigorously. There was one that had you baking a poor, defenseless piece of white fish for 50 minutes!!! You would want to definitely draw on prior cooking knowledge when using their recipes… But as I say, some great ideas there.

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You are right, I saw a few that were more inspirational and a few posted from third party sites with permission. But if HO members have taught me anything, it’s read, when it doubt test it out and dbl ck here😁. btw, the silan is delicious, smooth as silk pours like syrup. Other date syrups I have tried had a burnt aftertaste.

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Drizzled both on toast this AM, excellent.

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Not to alarm, Soom emailed customers a voluntary recall letter referencing certain lots of their tahini products. I checked my jars which aren’t part of the recall Lots id but just in case yours are…

November 28th, 2018

Soom Foods is issuing a voluntary recall on specific tahini jars. A salmonella contamination was traced back to another brand that shares manufacturing space with Soom Foods and was discovered by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) in Canada. The manufacturer has eliminated the source of contamination and preventive steps have been taken.

Please be assured Soom Foods takes our quality assurance practices very seriously and have certificate of analyses on each batch which read negative for any potential contamination of our products, including those coming from this manufacturer.

“We would never share food we wouldn’t consume ourselves or feed to our families,” says Soom CEO Shelby Zitelman. “Because customer safety and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, in cooperation with our contracted manufacturer and the FDA, we are voluntarily participating in this recall.”

Please discard any 16 oz. Premium Tahini, 16 oz. Organic Tahini, 11 oz. Tahini and/or 12 oz. Sweet Tahini Chocolate Halva Spreads marked with lot numbers 18-109, 18-121, 18-123 or chocolate 071318CH.

Any other lot numbers are 100% safe to keep and consume. Lot numbers are marked on the lids of Soom jars.

Customers who have purchased any of the products marked with the above numbers are requested to dispose of them or return them to the store or website where they were purchased for exchange or full refund. Customers may also contact Soom Foods at (267) 457-3613 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm EST, Monday through Friday, or via email at

Thank you for understanding. We will continue to be transparent and upfront with you and we value your trust.

  • Soom Co-Founders,
    Shelby, Jackie, and Amy Zitelman


Thanks for posting this. My 2 remaining 11oz jars are in the recall. Went through the first one without incident

Now the PIA process of contacting Amazon to get a refund or replacement

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Yeah, pita. But bsts.


Actually Amazon was easy to deal with. I sent them a message and they responded within minutes with a full refund and an additional $5.00

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Glad you checked!!
My own soom stash is long gone …


I went through one and a half 11oz jars without incident. Not sure if the lemon juice in the hummus was the saving grace or was it just the luck of the draw

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I’m definitely giving this a try.

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While I revisited this thread tonight, I wanted to share a hummus that includes white miso, my current food focus. The miso adds a richness that is really great. The addition of nuts is also a nice touch. This one is terrific with water crackers and go easy on the garlic is my rec or not at all. The miso does the lifting.


Have experienced this noteworthy professional source:

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Lucky you! I’ve started a bucket list for trying hummus in my local area but honestly homemade experiments have been a lark of great food fun.

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This mornings batch. Miso hummus.


If you’re in that neighborhood, here’s your rugulach source:


I actually was there the last time I was in the area for a family function, about 3 years ago, and remembered it from when my mom lived nearby in Encino Hills. The rugalach’s are flaky, soft crunch, sweet delicious goodness.