How do you Hummus?

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Good grief dont you hate when that happens! Enjoy the heck out of that bottle, my friend😉


The stuff is good!


I made this chilled hummus-like soup several times, originally from NY Times but their website is a nightmare- and this blog totally published the recipe, although note they omitted the feta and olives from the topping which i think is a big mistake!
If you use made from scratch chickpeas definitely include some of the cooking liquid in place of a portion of the water. And if you want an ethereal silky smooth soup remove the chickpea skins (just rub between layers of kitchen towel and they come off easily) I remember i used more tahini- just taste and adjust as you go

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Sounds delicious as does the other one, Parsnip-Carrot Soup with Tahini and Roasted Chickpeas.

I might have to dbl down on my chickpea shopping at this rate.

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Plus my darling is so happy with all the chickpea liquid cause she makes use of aquafaba.


Haha, yes! Chickpeas are so versatile! I haven’t played around with aquafaba much myself, but i did have an aquafaba mayonaise a while back at a vegan cafe that was surprisingly good- never would have guessed what was in it


Chickpeas cooking liquid is gold and should be used if possible. I just dumped a pot of liquid gold down the drain. Just didn’t have a need in the short term

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We freeze it if that works for you.


Works, but my freezer runith over. Too many quarts and pints of chicken stock.

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This morning I made a batch of hummus intentional thick. It spreads like pb but has that tasty hummus flavor. I use it on toast in the morning instead of butters or jam.


Does it have garlic in it?

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Not this one. Just the chickpeas, lemon, parsley, tahini and adjusted the paste with the chickpea cooking liquid and lemon juice to achieve the thickness I wanted.


Is the roast zucchini a garnish in that recipe, or the actual base of that self-styled “hummus”? If the latter, where do they get the “hummus” business from? I could see calling such a thing “zucchini babaganoush” (and I come to think of it, my eggplant-loathing self might actually like that :D)… but hummus?


The zucchini replaces the chickpeas. I read about it somewhere on the internet, I tried it, it’s an ok way to prepare zucchini, but it certainly isn’t hummus.

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Even the sweet potato and carrot hummus includes chickpeas and the other ingredients. But I like the addition of vegetables.


If you like it, that’s all that counts. Suum cuique, if I remember my Latin.

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Overnight I soaked one lb. of dried chickpeas. Drained them. Emptied into a large non stick dry pan sprinkled with a tsp of baking soda and tossed until very warm to the touch. Then emptied into a large bowl of ice cold water I started to gently massage handfuls of chickpeas at a time. The skins released, floated to the top waterline where I easily scooped them up. This took about 15 mins. rinsing with new cold water twice so I could be sure the b. soda was gone.

Yes, a grown ass man, massaging his chickpeas with pride and efficiency. If you have kitchen gloves the work goes even faster.

Hummus butter, amen!


Will have to try this.

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This non chickpea recipe from the tahini makers Soom had me in the kitchen last night.

Outstanding flavors, kept room temp overnight and drizzled with olive oil and paprika was breakfast along with warmed lavash and a few celery sticks.

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You live on the wild side. Isn’t there a botulism risk with garlic and olive oil?