How do you Hummus?

(ChristinaM) #61

You can make this without either special equipment. Just boil the garlic and chickpeas.


Guaranteed my grandmother never used a pressure cooker for her hummus

She embraced the benefit of the new world’s canned chickpeas. Something she didn’t have available in her youth in Syria.

Just because I can, I use dried more often than canned. Takes up less room in the pantry. Can make mountains of hummus on the cheap and just like the process and using warm chickpeas is just just a hair better. In the end there is very little difference in the taste. The downside of using dried is you can over cook them leading to a pasty hummus. Canned are always perfect

(Dan) #63

armed with a collection of recommendations I feel better prepared. i purchased both canned and dry chickpeas. I have the Soom tahini and plenty of garlic, lemons and olive oil. Would you add the parsley and paprika once the hummus is smooth or in the fp with everything else? Thxs.


Traditionally a pressure cooker isn’t used. I just like the texture that the chickpeas have out of the pressure cooker. They are fluffy inside and blend creamily.

Honestly, I can taste a difference between canned an rehydrated. The canned ones can be harder. I’m sure there are superior brands of canned and brands to be avoided. I’ve used canned plenty of times in a pinch over the years, but if I’m planning ahead I always use rehydrated cooked chickpeas.

(Denise) #65

For me, paprika and/or parsley is a garnish that goes on top of hummus at serving time. We especially enjoy smoked paprika. We’ve also used hot paprika sometimes or Aleppo pepper when we have that.


Removing the sprout from the garlic is all that is needed to tame it.


Agreed, as garnish.
When i make a big batch i do the garnish per serving, which also helps mix up the flavor profile

(Dan) #68

Thanks all. Making the hummus Sunday.


Toasted pine nuts make a rich topping. I really love a good assertive olive oil pooled in a well on top as well


All of that sounds fabulous!

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I fell down and then in love with this prep rabbit hole. I was able to prep three diff beans I just purchased from RG online and store in frig and freezer to use as needed.

Hummus on Sunday is on!


Good luck! But the age of the chickpeas is crucial. The fresher they are, the better. If your chickpeas are old, you may need some baking soda.

(Dan) #73

I decide to soak a fresh batch of chickpeas overnight and cook them til tender. They are on the stove as we speak and my ingredients are ready to go.
In the food processor I whirled a small amount of roasted peppers, parsley oil and then toasted the pine nuts for toppings.

Ive been enjoying the Soom so much on its own, I plan to pick up another jar this week. The hummus will polish this jar off.

Thanks all, I learned a good deal on this thread.

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I’ll occasionally make a “Hummus Pizza”. Take quality pita bread, cover with a not-so-modest amount of your favorite hummus (I love garlic flavored), add thinly sliced tomatoes, and shredded mozzarella. Bake until the cheese starts to bubble and brown. You have yourself a quick and easy (and not too unhealthy) meal. Can even add other toppings as well (chopped onions, olives, etc).

(Dan) #75

Thanks for sharing that idea. I will have a decent patch and was already thinking ahead. That pizza sounds very good. I might use a diff cheese but I like the idea.

(Greg Caggiano) #76

Oh yeah, you can use any cheese that you want. Mozzarella gives it more of a pizza feel, but a sharp provolone would work well too. Anything really. It is easily customizable.

Please post pics if you make it!


So, how did it turn out?

(Dan) #78

I am pleased but I realize now how important the cooking liquid is to achieve a texture I prefer. I will use a bit more garlic next time. I love lemon so I added it and drizzled more. As well as a glug of olive oil and a bit of each pre fixed toppings. I made enough to share with family I just had dinner with. I plan to enjoy the hummus as a sandwich spread, veg dip and perhaps assembling in pizza. The Soom tahini made this recipe taste great.

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They are running a sale if you cant find this brand locally. I stocked up thru the local health food market.


Thanks. Was just at WF and they didn’t have it. It was the only reason I walked in there. But picked up a couple bottles of Red Boat fish sauce then went to my favorite little Thai market and she just started carrying it. $4 less than WF. Ugh