How do you Hummus?

(Andrea) #41

If I hummus, it’s usually Trader Joe’s eggplant hummus. The olive one is good too. So if you’re looking for fun things to add to your homemade hummus, try roasted eggplant or a spoonful of tapenade.

(Dan) #42

Excellent. I havent gotten to the topping or mix in stage yet but point taken. Do these add in get pureed, chopped or deals choice? Im pretty sure the olive hummus stayed smooth but eggplant was chunky…from store brands.

(Andrea) #43

The eggplant is smooth, and lower carb/cal if you’re into that. It’s also one of the few at TJ’s without a bunch of extra ingredients. Olives are small dice, could be more of a garnish.

(Dan) #44

Expanding the riff on hummus a bit more, doesnt this fix sound good.


Sounds fine, but it’s not a Middle Eastern hummus.


Cumin is a must in my hummus. I buy it whole, toast it lightly and grind just before use. Makes a world of difference compared to the preground stuff

(Dan) #47

I spread Soom on toasted dark rye topped with thinly sliced garden tomatoes and English cucumbers for breakfast.

If nothing else, this thread on hummus brought Soom to my table. Really delicious.


I love, love, love Soom tahini and this sounds like a great way to use it!! It’s also fabulous mixed with microplaned garlic, lemon juice and a bit of water to thin it – drizzle that on basically anything, but especially salad with cold sliced leftover chicken or beef or fish.

(Dan) #49

Thanks for the recommendations.


My gosh that sounds delicious!!

(Dan) #51

Watching the ELO concert on Showtime I’m so tempted to make another slice but I’m behaving👍


I am in total agreement. Nevertheless, I did try the roast zucchini “hummus.” Hummus it ain’t, but it’s not a bad way to eat zucchini.


I’m sure it was. What was in it?


Roast zucchini, tahina, salt, pepper, cumin, lemon juice, some water.


Sounds like a good thing to happen to zucchini


It’s not bad. Otherwise my favorite way to cook zucchini is to halve them, crosshatch them, and roast them with a miso/mirin topping.


My most common method. But there has to be more…thanks for your suggestions


Rehydrate dried chickpeas by soaking them overnight. Toss away the soaking water and add new water, salt, and a pinch of baking soda pressure cook them till they are done. Strain and allow them to cool and keep the cooking liquid.

Put a garlic clove in water in a microwave safe bowl. Cook the garlic in the microwave for one minute. This will take away any overpowering sharpness from the garlic but you’ll still get good garlic flavor.

Put in chick peas and some soaking liquid into a high power blender (no need to pick off skins or put through a sieve with a strong blender. Add in garlic, a big glob of unroasted tahineh, lemon juice, and salt. That is all. Blend well. It shouldn’t be a thick acidic grainy paste like the gross store bought hummus in the little tubs. It should be smooth and creamy. My preference is that it is like a thick pancake batter. It should be thick enough that the garnish doesn’t sink into it, and so you can make a sort of design on it that creates peaks and valleys or a dip in the center.

Garnish with a high quality peppery pungent olive oil. Olive oil is a garnish, it’s not supposed to go into the hummus.

Hummus can also be topped with fried pine nuts and their frying oil for hummus bi sanobar, and a little paprika and cumin for looks. Another good topping is fried tidbits of beef or lamb for hummus bi lahmeh.

I made hatch chile hummus once and it was so delish but I can’t remember exactly what I did. I feel like I put fire roasted Hatch chiles inside and also as a garnish topped with olive oil.

I just got some fire roasted Hatch chiles from HEB and I plan to make some hummus to take to a work thing on Thursday, so let’s see if I can replicate the deliciousness from the time before or not.

(ChristinaM) #59

Good tips. I agree with this. Olive oil as an ingredient makes it kind of stodgy.

(Dan) #60

Wow, great advice. I don’t have a pressure cooker or microwave at the moment but I am sure that can be worked out cooking at my sisters place. Thxs.