How do you Hummus?

The recipes under Soom look incredible. I think my son would like the chocolate halva spread.

I have never heard of this brand, thxs for the info.

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Wow, very helpful, thxs.

Yeah that chocolate version wouldn’t last long around me I’m sure…! I love using tahini for a tahini miso salad dressing, probably what i use it the most for aside from hummus. Although there was a genius recipe i tried last winter i think from jamie oliver…? Basically toss veggies with a little tahini and salt before roasting, no need for any oil. Really fantastic, More than the sum of its parts!


We buy the spiralized carrots from WFs and toss them in a combo of tahini and lemon juice, marinate a few hrs topped with fresh parsley.

Up until my retirement, I didnt pay enough attention to what my wife was making, I only know she makes a nice meal. The tahini she used at the time came in a tub serving from the deli counter rather than jarred. Must have been made in house.

The Soom company sells thru a local health food market so I am going to try to buy it next time I am there.

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Straight from the container, undiluted?

Root veggies? Which vegetables do you roast for this?

Yup. Although if your tahini isn’t really drippy you could whisk it with some lemon juice or vinegar to loosen it up.

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I used a combo of carrots, onions and parsnips but it’s probably great on more cruciferous greens like brussel sprouts.

That spiralzed carrot salad sounds delicious!


Or sometimes they just re-pack a larger bulk size tub (up to a 5 gallon bucket) into smaller ones.

I don’t strain it out like in this recipe, but I do the garlic + acid soak for other things like guacamole and salad dressing.

Sounds possible.

I’m going to experiment. I bought a bunch of ingredients to try a few diff methods.

Found Soom at a nearby health food market and plan to try my hand at hummus this weekend.

Last night I tried making my own tahini just out of curiosity. It wasnt awful just not much on depth of flavor. I did lightly roast the seeds but the pros have an advantage!

Oh great! Tahini doesn’t have the same intense sesame flavor as something like toasted sesame oil, but i’ve also tried at home and it was seriously meh.

Since hummus is the Arabic word for chickpea, I don’t consider anything else to be hummus. Dips sure, hummus no. In that vain my hummus is pretty traditional

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Point taken. Must be the dozens of brands and variety at every market that has me thinking the word hummus has taken on new meaning.

Pesto had a similar fate.

Care to share your traditional method? I bought a lot of ingredients.

It is not hummus in the traditional sense, but I make a white bean dip that is pretty addictive:

1 15-oz. can white beans, partly drained (about 1/4-1/3 liquid removed and reserved)
1 clove garlic, minced
2 Tbsp. olive oil
3 Tbsp. roasted pistachio meats
Salt & pepper to taste
Splash red wine vinegar
Dried rosemary (1/8-1/4 tsp.?)
Pinch of red pepper flake

Puree until smooth. Loosen with more bean liquid if needed. Top with olive oil and serve.


Cook your beans or use canned chickpeas. Removing skins will give a great smooth texture but is time consuming. Lemon juice, tahini, garlic, cooking liquid or water to thin to your preferd consistency as needed

I’ll get proportions later as I rarely measure anything


Thanks for the recommendation. Pistachios sounds like a very nice flavor add in.

Appreciate it.