Houston Openings and Closings - 2022

Well, now. This is interesting:

Okay, the headline reads like it was put together by a committee, but I’ve always heard good things about this chef. The oyster dish brings back memories of Kaphan’s; the custom gold banquets suggests the Hofheinz suite at the Astrodome… and I hope those artfully arranged beams are also in the right places structurally.

Okay, I’m just picking nits. So how is your day going?

Anyway, I wanted to use that name for the chain of sandwich shops I was going to open.


Thanks for the info …

But what I really want are your sandwich recipes!


rina. “His creole roots and experience at Houston classics such as Mr B’s Bistro and Harold’s bring bold flavors to the table.”

There’s no Mr B’s Bistro in Houston!

Another place to get gumbo! And fried chicken, etc.

On another board someone noted how close it is to BBQ Inn, but hey, they’ll have the market all to themselves on Sundays and Mondays.

There used to be (maybe still is) a soul food place right on the corner across Yale from BBQ Inn that advertised fried chicken. I wanted to go check it out but never did.


I thought I read the Feges bbq couple wants to open a fried chicken place in that area also.

I misidentified the bbq place they’re replacing. It’s a couple blocks west of the one I was thinking of and looks a lot more inviting to me. Never been there and easy to miss on that stretch of Bissonnet because of traffic and the upcoming Triangle intersection.

I’m ready for CFS.

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And there was this last year I saw and forgot about:

I was sorry to see Peli Peli Kitchen disappear, the only restaurant of the group I experienced.

Nando and Mozambik both look more high end, like the originals of Peli Peli.

The Galleria location of Mozambik has already shuttered but The Woodlands is reportedly doing well.

And … (also linked to in the above link)…

That one’s from last week so Revival is already gone. Somewhere there is a story about the new business going in on Heights but I can’t find it this morning.


Surely there are some young Mandolas ready to step into those HUUUUGE shoes.

I mean…C’mon!



I’m also sorry to hear about Revival. Little bro and I hit it a few times when it first opened. I loved the house-made charcuterie and sitting at the counter looking into the hanging room. Nirvana.

But I haven’t been there in seven or eight years so I guess I’m part of the problem.

On the pages Bruce linked to above is a link to an article on Saigon Hustle winning a private fund contest and a million dollars to expand with. Also Houston rapper Bun B’s winning a Good Morning America duel for best burger in the world.

Man! We eat good around here. No wonder everyone’s rushing to get here. :wink:


I spent my share of time at Nino’s in the years before the pandemic. There was a server there named Salvador that went by Sal that was the best waiter in Houston by far. He would do anything for you and instruct the kitchen accordingly. He was funny and incredibly attentive. After Vincent died he disappeared, and I assume his daughters that took over the business ran him off for some reason. To me that was unacceptable. The service generally declined, and it became clear that the girls were not interested in the restaurant business. So sad that they could have reigned over this iconic restaurant had they chosen to. I took this picture of Sal in 2016. Last I heard he was working at the restaurant inside Hotel Granduca.


Huuuuge shoes is right. Just wondering about all the restaurants that family has had over the years in Houston and how many I’ve eaten at. I guess the last time I was at one of those it was lunch in the mid-80s (maybe late 80s) when my job was still in that part of town. I didn’t even recognize the b&w picture in the article!

Ditto on Revival. Ditto on the charcuterie. I thought I was gonna be back may times just for the nduja (?). Today’s young restaurant entrepreneurs are just too eager to move on and try something new (rant, rant, rant). The servers were always so helpful.


Cuchara to open a new breakfast and lunch restaurant, Cucharita (msn.com)

Right down the street from Cuchara, where Cooking Girl/Pepper Twins was the time we had a meet-up there.

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According to a post on HAIF, Dak & Bop on W. 18th in Lazybrook/Timbergrove is listed for sale. Originally on Binz in the Museum District it was locally owned Korean Fried Chicken. Taking over an Italian spot on 18th, they became Korean/Italian fusion or something.

The website seems to indicate that location was only supposed to be temporary so may they’ll be opening elsewhere.

Dak and Bop

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Well I need to know where they go! They are located in an old Pizza Hut that is structurally not great. They had to close last year for several weeks for plumbing repairs and it nearly broke them. I went for Houston restaurant weeks last year and enjoyed a really good meal. This is the review I gave it on the Facebook page Houston Foodie Friends that was starting by cleverly stone.

I went to Dak and Bop for an amazing $20/3 course lunch. First known for its Korean Fried Chicken location in the medical center, it is now on 18th Street in The Heights/Timbergrove.

This is a steal of a deal, and everything was great. Pictured are: appetizers Cucumber Salad (spicy) and Jjajang noodle salad. Main course was KFC wings with soy garlic sauce and a KFC sandwich with medium spicy sauce and fries. Dessert was mango pot decreme and Thai Tea Semifreddo. We also split an order of pork belly baos from the main menu just ‘cause.

Not sure about the pot decreme, but everything else was outstanding. Highly recommend. :+1::+1:

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I went to that original and was very impressed. The place had a sort of weird parking situation that may have played a part in the move, although I think there’s a Barnaby’s in there now.

I’ll be watching for a move. It was (!!) the closest KFC to me.

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This is all over the foodie media so everybody’s probably seen it. Already open.

I can’t get the menu to open.

Revival is such a small space, I don’t know how it worked out. There’s only a handful of two seat bistro style tables. I noticed that it says first come first serve on tables. I guess the other people just stand around or take stuff to go. I wish her the very best.

Yeah, I ate on the covered sidewalk out front one time, only ate inside one time. But if she removes all the shelves and meat cases, etc. … Wish her luck, too.

See the topic on Food News in the rest of Texas.

Could have put that here (or in the Gumbo thread) because of the locations in Katy & The Woodlands but I think we need to try and stir up interest in this board in the rest of Texas, maybe get more posters.


I can and it looks pretty good.

But like y’all, I’m wondering where I’m going to sit.

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