Houston Openings and Closings - 2022

Let’s start a new thread - This isn’t about corona anymore (plus I couldn’t find any old thread that wasn’t about corona).

Just saw today on NextDoor that Bellaire Broiler Burger is going to be re-opening in April - from the food truck/wagon that’s been parked in front for a couple of months now - while the interior is refitted.

Here’s hoping. Surprising to me how many people have chimed in (and Mr. JC should be interested).

However, new owners are the owners of Eighteen36, the bar on W. Alabama in South River Oaks :roll_eyes: which it seems didn’t last very long, so…

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Jackson Street BBQ, downtown, near Minute Maid, is closing. It’s reported it’s the owners decision not to renew the lease.

Did anybody here ever try it?

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I never made it there. I haven’t made it to the “new” Acme Oyster House either. Fung’s still hasn’t reopened since a kitchen fire month ago and they have my favorite Peking Duck. I went to the newly opened Duck N Bao on Memorial and tried theirs, it was good but not as good as Fung’s and cost twice as much. I need to check out Maize at the other end of Memorial too for a special occasion, it’s upscale Mex-Mex much like Hugo’s where the chef used to work. Everyone seems to love it and I see lots of photos on social media there. I gotta hand it to these brave entrepreneurs new ventures during the pandemic. I went to Kim Son recently for their soft shell crab and the price is up $7 for the dish.


Kim Son - yeoch - which one do you go to?

Haven’t made it to Acme yet, either. Some friends have and we’re too high on it.

Maize looks very interresting… I’m glad we’re getting more of the upscale Mexican but that lunch menu is tiny!

I see a couple of ‘namesake’ appetizers in Senor Ostiones honor on the dinner menu.

The jalapeno ostiones sound delish. Notice the entire menu section devoted to bugs. I didn’t realize they are open for lunch, I’ll definitely plan that since I prefer to dine out at lunch time.

I went to a small Kim Son by Memorial City Mall and sat on their lovely patio and watched police activity on land and in the air looking for a perp on foot at the mall. He made the mistake of leaving the mall and was nabbed.

Last month though I went to the large Kim Son out in Stafford on the SW Frwy in the Fountains Center that is all restaurants. I haven’t had Vietnamese in so long and it tasted so good, I see more Viet food in my near future. I used to love Van Loc downtown on Smith I think it was. It closed years ago. I still want to go to Crawfish and Noodles for Viet-Cajun crawfish.


I have only been to the downtown Kim Son (original Chinatown location). Oh, and one at the Rodeo!

I think I read opening day at the original Kim Son had only one customer and he complained that the spring rolls weren’t fried.

Wish it had been me; I probably would’ve jumped for joy and hugged t
he waiter.

I haven’t been to much in that area in Stafford. My senior friends loved that Sweet Tomatoes; I used to go to the Avalon every now and then but haven’t in a long time, even during my focus on comfort foods during my cancer treatments.

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That location is impressive.

Fix and Fogg !!! New Zealand nut butters, straight to Houston !!!

I don’t usually discover new food places on HAIF but here it is:

And some photos of the original window on Westheimer:


listed as temporarily closed.

Also available at Whole Foods and Sprouts, but why would you want to go to a grocery store when we’ve got a Peanut Butter Bar?

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New York Deli and Coffee Shop in Meyerland changed hands during the pandemic. New owners have made improvements, including a ‘coffee program,’ as they say. I ordered from them several times in the past couple of years and thought the food was improved. I remember both @Jaymes and the still much-missed danhole like that place, maybe @Lambowner too?

They have opened a second location in Bellaire, corner of Bellaire and Chimney Rock, open longer hours and with an expanded menu. They also have the bagel shop there and a drive-thru.


Spanish Village lives on:

Tex-Mex restaurant Spanish Village planned to close. Here’s how a new owner is keeping it alive. (msn.com)

We used to pass that place every time we came to town up the old 288 which became Almeda Rd. I went about 10 years ago as I recall. It wasn’t busy at all; surprised it lasted.

Glad to see other developments are planned in the area.

In other news - on my way to Aldi yesterday in Meadows Place I passed the JCIG on 59 - it was closed and there’s a chain link fence surrounding everything.


This is good news. I went after the 2018 sale and it was meh. Jay Francis gave a glowing report of the new owner’s efforts in a fb group. Looks like I’ll need to check back with them.



I, uh, well, uh… I like to eat too??? Is that those canned potato sticks?? :heart_eyes:

Ever been to Mambo Seafood? That Mexican chain - either based locally or in the RGV (there’s one down there). I have a friend who loves their gumbo - well practically anything from there. He took me a couple of times when I was unable to drive myself anywhere. The roux is white. I’ve never seen such a pale roux. It’s filled with those tiny frozen shrimp and tiny oysters. He pulled out his spoon once and there must have been at least 5 shrimp in his soup spoon. I tasted it. Damn, it does taste like gumbo. I’m wondering how they prepare that roux - just stir oil and flour together in the pan with no heat??

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Fried tortilla strips. I haven’t heard great things about Mambo and the gumbo does sound, uh, non traditional. But I go by one on the beltway a lot and think about trying it out. So is your review of it yay or nay?

Closer to meh than yay. Ok I guess for fried stuff. I’ve only had a spoonful of the gumbo. That’s the one my friend took me too but I’ve also been to the one on Hillcroft in front of the big Fiesta. The beltway one is nicer.

Yeah. I was just kidding about the potato stix.

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Pierogi Queen in League City to close May 20.

Beloved Polish restaurant in League City to close after 6 years (msn.com)
Pierogi Queen - Home | Facebook

Where’s the pierogis?

I drove down there to sample the pierogies, but I just did not like them. They were all so incredibly dry. Polonia has good pierogi imported from Chicago, but last I checked recently, that restaurant is still closed. The grocery is open.


Yes, I thought I remembered your report; saved me from making the trip. I still haven’t gotten over to Polonia (store) - couldn’t remember the name this morning. I’ve seen the whole back wall (freezers) practically nothing but those frozen pierogies - Alexandra’s brand. I just looked it up and found this

Wow! I looked a few years ago while trying to find some locally and only came up with a couple of brands. Meyerland HEB has the Mrs. T’s, but only the mashed pot and cheese. I 've bought them several times and they’re pretty good but only the one variety, for some reason.

I’ve seen some (store made) at the (Russian) General Store - probably not by the name of pierogies. Will report back when I get over there.


Fegen’s restaurant in the Heights abruptly closes (msn.com)

I’ve been out of circulation so long there’s lot of info about the local scene I wasn’t up on.

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Wow I wonder what the backstory on this is.

Lankford expanding! Already signed a lease in Bellaire (replacing very old school bbq place at Bissonnet and Rice) and looking at other locations.

If this is behind a pay wall, you’ll find the same at Community Impact and the Biz Journal, but it’ll soon be on every food media source in the city.

Yay! It’s closer to me1

Uh oh! 1. will they be able to recreate the ambiance and food? 2. Still lousy parking.

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