Hot weather dinners - your favourites

Yes, I know “hot weather” is all relative but the UK is currently in a thankfully short-lived heatwave. Already, today, Wales has recorded it’s highest ever temperature (37.1) and forecasts suggest that England may break the 2019 record tomorrow.

But we gotta eat. So, ideas please for tasty food that doesnt involve standing in a hot kitchen for ages.

Casa Harters is currently following the government’s “red alert” advice - staying indoors near the fan.


I know you and Mrs. H enjoy South Asian food, but how about East or SE Asian foods (ingredients which I would assume are readily available near Manchester)?

  • Vietnamese rice noodle salad (we do this often) topped with raw shredded carrot, cukes, anything; a quick cooked protein that doesn’t require hours of braising

  • Korean naeng myang (cold buckwheat noodles in a vinegar-y broth that is often iced); often topped with hard boiled egg (except for me…I detest eggs), cukes, radish, etc. Really anything your stomach desires

  • Japanese soba noodles that are chilled and dipped into sauce when eating; all manner of toppings can be added

  • We often do a big salad topped with protein (oftentimes simply-cooked salmon for my husband), which requires minimal stove time. I don’t eat meat, but I can picture a caprese-type salad topped with chicken

Climate change is a bugger. :grimacing:


Naengmyeon seconded; things we enjoy in there are pear/apple, cukes, scallion, sesame seeds, beef, lots of options…

There’s a spicy version called bibim naengmyeon too (and other versions) so you can be hot and cool same time…


This one has cold spicy beef broth


Frozen Margaritas


Big salads and/or charcuterie platters are two of my go-to meals when it is just too hot to bear the idea of cooking. Meze platters with all manner of cold spreads are great too. For minimal cook rather than no-cook, stovetop frittata is about as fast as it gets. American-style taco meat is quick and easy, too - just cook crumbled ground beef until nearly brown, add some seasonings and simmer for a minute or two. Warm up some tortillas with the residual heat of the stovetop and you’re good to go.



If the heat has you not feeling well just make soups, BLT, salads, lettuce wraps ( :drooling_face:) cold cereal, toast., ice cream, egg salad sandwich. Just make what you normally do just less of it.

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Sandwiches and/or salads. We’re in the midst of a heat wave here (defined as 3+ days of 90+ F and, in my area very humid). Of course. I’m American, so central air in the house is a given :wink:

I made a side dish today that’s currently chilling in the fridge. Slices of cucumber and onion marinated in equal parts vinegar and water with a spoonful of sugar. Apparently a vestige of mom’s depression-era upbringing, but very nice on a summer evening.

I also turn towards things like hamburgers or quesadillas–things that require cooking, but no oven.

And really, you can never go wrong with delivery . . . their kitchen ovens are on regardless.


Salads, gazpacho or other chilled soups (yogurt or buttermilk & cucumber or avocado with lots of fresh dill), sammiches of any kind with your favorite melty :joy: cheese (assuming that’ll apply to any and all), ice cream…


Gazpacho! That’s what I haven’t made this summer. Time to search for mom’s recipe. (Or maybe a trip this week to a local restaurant that make an excellent version . . . After eating, I usually order some to go for the next day.)


I’ve made the ajo blanco version once — almonds, white bread, a shit ton of garlic, sherry vinegar, topped with green grape halves.

I gotta make that again. It’s filling, too.


Lots of melons of all kind: cantaloupe, canary, watermelon…plain or in a salad.
Easy: watermelon + feta + a few shredded mint leaves + a dash of olive oil + a few drops of balsamic + salt and pepper (optional). Refrigerate before serving
Easier: slices of cantaloupe + Parma ham
Boozier: refrigerate a cantaloupe, cut it in half and replace the seeds with port :partying_face:

Tabbouleh is also a nice refreshing option, either the Lebanese or the Algerian version. Lots of cutting but no cooking :grin:


I usually go with a big composed salad - lettuce, shaved carrots, slices of cucumbers and radishes, cherry tomatoes, chopped bell pepper (or roasted peppers), red onion if you want, quartered hard boiled eggs or slices of grilled chicken (if your local market has store-roasted chickens, those are easy to chop up for this salad and chicken salad afterwards), your favorite cheese (feta, crumbles of goat cheese, mozzarella pearls, or cheddar cubes), dried cranberries, toasted walnuts. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Make your favorite dressing or vinaigrette and have at it!


Make it with V8, cucs, onion, avocado, lime, cilantro, garlic… but would love to hear of a better recipe.


Ever try silver tequila in it

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Nope. Is that the only other ingredient you’d recommend?

Pretty similar to U.

We use fresh tomatos. Better the tomatos the better the gazpacho. Shitloads of garlic. there’s some olive oil in there. Sometimes roasted pepper purée. Pretty much depends on what we have on hand and it’s different every time like chili. We’ve used fruit before too.

Also feel it needs to sit in fridge a few hours to get super cold.

And some nice croutons !

U have any secrets


British homes don’t usually have air con. Good heating, yes.

I’m writing this at just gone 10pm. We’ve just sat in the garden for a few minutes and it’s still hot. We’re just not used to these temperatures

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Lots to choose from. Salad based meals, with some protein, seem a good way to go - and we’ll be going down the east asian route as suggested by digga.


Mostly heavy on the tomatoes. with cucumbers, onions and peppers. And yes, lots of garlic. I like to run it through the food processor to make it smooth rather than chunky.


Just yesterday my sister, mom and I were reminiscing about my dad’s love of ac, He wou;d actually wear a sweater inside while the rest of us froze. He was born in 1920, so he certainly didn’t grow up that way.

Strawberry salad with a nice goat cheese and some strawberry balsamic is a good option as well.

Mom said growing up in a in the city, she and her siblings would sleep outside. I doubt that’s safe these days, but if your garden is sufficiently private . . .


Last night was a good example. Sliced New Jersey tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, homemade Greek dressing and farm stand corn on the cob.