Hot sauces: what are you eating now? How many is too many?


I think lousiana, crystal, Texas Petes and Frank’s are pretty similar. They are all nice sauces that go well on a lot of dishes. If you gave me all 4 right now, without “pre-tasting” any to get my ducks in a row, I am not sure I could differentiate between the 4. There are subtle differences but unless I tried them back to back and then did a comparison, I don’t think I would get the test right.



They are similar but Frank’s to me has a distinct taste because of the garlic. I think that must also soften the heat to some extent because it is one of the only hot sauces that Mr Rat likes. I love hot sauces myself, buy them more often than I probably should, given that I have to finish most of them myself.

Two others I bought recently turned out to be mild enough that Mr Rat likes them. They’re Queens 7 and Bronx Green sauces put out to support the NYC Greenmarket Community Gardens:
This one is hot and sweet, with the surprise ingredient of fish sauce.
This one is hotter, but not very, made with serranos.
They both have a nice vegetal flavor that you don’t always find in a bottled sauce.

That is my own favorite of the El Yucateco sauces, one of my favorite hot sauces period.

An old favorite of mine is Scorned Woman, which has black pepper along with chiles, but I haven’t seen that one in stores recently. What else? I like the Iguana sauces, the Queen Majesty scotch bonnet sauces. Oh, and Jump Up and Kiss Me is another old favorite.


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Interesting article about this and that.



I tried it today and thought it was very good. I think it’s the habanero prominent flavored sauce I’ve liked best of those I’ve tried. It was warm, but it wasn’t nearly as hot as I expected it to be which was fine by me.

Also tried Nando’s Hot and enjoyed it much more than Nando’s Lemon & Herb. It was still plenty lemony and just tasted better.

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Cool post. I agree with his comments. I’d rather see a restaurant bury the cost of “free” chips into their menu pricing. We all know nothing is free, but to be offered “free” chips and salsa is the way to do it in my book. You just don’t feel like you are being nickeled and dimed. Others may disagree, but I’d rather have a simple check to review at the end of the night and not have to go line by line looking at small charges. I got charged a while back for 5 sodas lol. I was dehydrated and when I got my bill I was amazed. It was comical.

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Bet you’ll drink water next time. LOL.



It is one of my favorite pizza places and I think it was 2.50 per soda. What a mess. Draft beers are not much more and that’s what I normally have there. I told the waitress that we got the wrong bill and I was stunned when I found out I had a soda tab worth more than my pizza lol. Needless to say, I only drink beer there now.

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We were some where recently where I seem to remember that you get one free refill on non-alcoholic drinks.


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I just used a $1 off coupon to buy a bottle of Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce.
Here is something I read on the label:
333 Washington Street, Third Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302


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I ran across this on the Cholula website:

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Chef Ramsey likes this one. Has anyone tried this company out?

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I bought a new hot sauce yesterday. After being underwhelmed by Seed Ranch’s Smoked Jalapeno, I had decided to skip their other varieties, but the Chase the Heat youtube channel prompted me to pick up a bottle of their Umami Hot Sauce.

I haven’t tried it yet, but the ingredients list is pretty interesting: Tamari, water, olive oil, tomato paste, capers, dried olives, porcini mushroom, shiitake mushroom, seaweed, garlic, red miso, balsamic vinegar, chipotle, carrot, date, sesame oil, cumin.

I can usually tell from ingredients what a sauce will be good on, but this one, I have no idea.

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Skirt steak or some marinated flank steak skewers?



How would one come up with that decidedly weird ass mad scientist combination of ingredients?
I hope it is the bomb!

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Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce products are made in Michigan, and distributed nationwide. The first hot sauces came out of the kitchen of a young married couple. Enthusiastic local responses from Chiliheads in SE Michigan fueled rapid growth. Interesting website.

I’m a fan…



My latest crush.


My stash.



This is pretty funny…



Do you mean Cholula? That’s Mexican, not Indian.

I got the Tropical Pepper Co. sauces from a chain grocery, Best Market, in Westhampton Beach, NY.

I’ve since added Valentina to my home and this AMAZING crunchy Chinese condiment Lao gan ma



This is an interesting one. Thoughts?

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Jesus christ. Hard pass.