Hot sauces: what are you eating now? How many is too many?

(John) #41

I have a guy I test all my hot sauce on. He’s a real heat freak. The last batch of Habanero - he said he had to dilute it. I was so proud.


I’ve tried a few different hot sauces since the last time I posted on this thread and have been pretty lucky.

Saso Chile Pequin Pepper Sauce – I really like this for something like meats or other applications where you’re getting it full strength although I feel it’s wasted in soups or stews. Near the top of my list for certain uses.

Saso Red Pepper Chipotle Pepper Sauce – I really like this in soups. The chipotle isn’t very prominent, but this sauce adds a ton of complexity. This is the first sauce I’ve tried that has balsamic vinegar. I’ll be buying this often.

Burns & McCoy Especia Roja (and Especia Rojo which I think is an earlier version of the Roja. They seem pretty similar to me) – This is probably my overall favorite hot sauce now. Roasted red peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, pomegranate juice, guajillo chiles, garlic, roasted pumpkin seed, arbol chiles, pequin chiles.

El Yucateco Black Label Reserve – Strange one. I just finished up my first bottle of this tonight, and I’m still not sure how much I like it. I think it’s made from burnt habaneros (not smoked habaneros–charred habaneros) which is not as bad as it sounds. I do like it, but I don’t think it’s something I’ll buy very often.

Gringo Bandito Red – Another winner. I’ve only just opened it tonight and had it on a pork chop, but I thought it was very good. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does in a soup and am expecting it to do very well.

I have a couple more I haven’t tried, yet. El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Kutbil ik de and Pico Pica Real Mexican Style Hot Sauce.

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Angry lady hot sauce! Just bought two more jars a few weeks ago.


Chimayo Joe: regular Pico Pica or something more exotic? I used to see mild, hot,and occasionally verde but I noticed the other day New packaging and a bigger plastic bottle of hot. I love the stuff and have ever since I first ventured West.
Hard to find hot stuff that isn’t vinegar based


Nice list. I’ll have to try some. Gringo bandito green is really nice stuff. I like of his flavors though.


A 7 oz. bottle of this is what I have:

Not a lot of the stores here(Western Colorado) carry Pico Pica.


From @bbqboy condiment thread I learned about this hot sauce line

Has anyone tried Mikes limited edition sauces? These look interesting.

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I"m not a big hot sauce kind of guy, although I do like spicy. I’m a big fan of sriracha and I’m really fond of my own “invention” I call The Ivan Drago Dressing (big roided up Russian dressing) I take cocktail sauce, (which I love extra spicy) mix it with my tater sauce add a squeeze of sriracha…oh yeah. That’s become my new burger topping and fried foods dipping sauce. (I literally just had a bag of broccoli bites and this as a dipping sauce for dinner last week. lol)


What do guys think of this list?


IMO there are never too many. And I’m too lazy to go in and count. I’m guessing about 20. In my pantry I have a bunch of shoe box sized plastic boxes. One has generic hot sauces, one has Asian ‘liquid’ things including hot sauces. And there are a few in the fridge. One of our daughters was in Panama on business last year and brought us a couple.

And I like Cholula also. It’s not really hot just spicy.

(K. Laurence) #51

The older I get the more I like hot sauce. My current favorite is from The Pepper Plant (made in Gilroy, CA) both the Original and Garlic flavors. Over Christmas I was gently but very firmly told by my family in South Dakota to send several bottles home (I live in Bay Area). I ordered a whole case of the stuff and they were quite pleased.


Who buys hot sauce from Amazon?
Those all seem the standard supermarket brands.

(Jimmy ) #53

Surprized to find only five here at the homestead:

Our regular rotation usually includes Tabasco Green and Cholula…


I only get ones that I can’t get locally on amazon. With prime the shipping isn’t an issue so the prices are usually decent and you can get harder to find bottles. I still want that tobasco anniversary bottle.


The old folks across the street moved and I bought a bunch of their spices and stuff and I got a couple of Tabasco bottles so old they had no bar code.
(Unintentional) aging. They still look fine; I haven’t tried them yet.

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Jeopardy Question within the past week:

What was the first product to have a bar code? {{insert final Jeopardy theme song}}


I read about someone who found an unopened bottle of Worcestershire in her pantry. Well over ten years out of date. She said it was definitely spoiled.


I only have three open at the moment:

Gringo Bandito Red (I really like that one)

Kroger Private Selection Mango Scotch Bonnet (not bad)

Boulder Hot Sauce Company Smokey Serrano (also not bad).

I have a few others unopened, some that I’ve had previously and some that I haven’t:

Kroger Simple Truth Chipotle (untried)

Nando’s Peri-peri Hot (untried–didn’t like the Lemon & Herb, but I thought I would give Nando’s another try)

El Yucateco XXXtra Hot kutbil ik de (untried, I’ve had that one sitting around since the last time I posted on this thread)

SaSo Red Pepper Chipotle (one of my favorites)

Burns & McCoy Especia Roja (another of my favorites)

A few others I’ve tried since my last post:

Pico Pica (really liked it, but the stores here appear to have stopped carrying it)

Seed Ranch Smoked Jalapeno (liked what flavor there was, but the flavor seemed weak and diluted)

La Victoria Salsa Brava (inoffensive but not one I’d buy again)

High Altitude Chipotle (did not like that one at all)


Wow! Let’s see a pic of these!

I asked this before but I don’t think I got an answer. I wonder if the tobasco anniversary bottles have serial numbers. I see people trying to sell them for over 100 bucks a few months later. I should have bought a few of these at 35 a pop.


All the gringo bandito stuff is good and well balanced. I buy the sets of Amazon prime…not a bad price for some great hot sauce.

@bbqboy. Give this brand a shot if you can.