Hot sauces: what are you eating now? How many is too many?

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This is what we’ve been making lately so this is what’s on hand right now. The unlabeled one is Mango Hot Sauce with Habaneros.


Matouks Scotch bonnet sauce is great!

@boogiebaby that’s a nice list. How does daves ghost compare to insanity?

@JoeBabbitt are you selling those? I’d love to try both

I am getting some good ideas here. I guess you can’t have too many hot sauces if you have the room :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried the Ghost Pepper one yet, but the Insanity is pretty intense. I always try the sauces, but I don’t consume the hotter ones like before. I’ve had to cut back in on my spice/heat intake as my stomach can’t handle it as well as it used to. I try to stick with the Crystal or the TJ’s Habanero, or the Asian sauces, depending on what I’m eating.


That bottle of Buffalo chipotle rang with me. My Dad who spent part of his youth in Mexico City always had a bottle on the table. Memories


I like to keep original Tabasco and Castilo Green Habanero on hand. A summer spent in Brazil introduced me to hot sauce made from “aromatic pepper” - molho de pimenta de cheiro. It is so fragrant and delicious and different than anything else I’ve had. I brought a few bottles home but am now all out. :frowning: Anytone familiar with it?


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We do sell them Johnny. You can stop by Booth 62 in the Green Building the Englishtown Auction any Sat or Sun or message me for other arrangements.


Nice. I will try to get there. It’s been ages since I’ve been. Is the pickle booth still there?

@seamunky I’d love to try that. Let me see if I can find it online

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Yes - the pickle guy is in one of the other buildings. If I’m not at our stand my wife will be there - Julia. Just introduce yourself.


Are any of you guys a fan of Grace hot sauces? I tried the Scotch bonnet version and really like this on chicken. It has some curry in it too.


Crystal, Texas Pete (similar vinegary-profiles);
El Yucateco Habanero;
3 different Tropical Pepper Co. sauces - Hot Mango (not so mango-ey and not so hot), Ghost (crazy hot); Xxtra Hot Habanero Pepper (perfect IMO).

I don’t really consider Sriracha hot sauce , but have that too.
And we usually have a container of housemade ‘peppa’ from a Caribbean meal we’ve had at a restaurant.


where did y ou find ghost or Extra Hot Habanero sauce r
I bought the Red Habnero Hot sauce from Savory spice, it was not hot all, very disappointing
We still prefer Tabasco Original and Tabasco chipotle sauce
I do not like Sriracha sauce although I have a bottle always available for guest who likes it as it is readily available at Asian stores. However, but hate the Indian Cholulah sauce
Something in the cholulah sauce turns me off.
Once, a colleague ent to the caribbean, knowing how I like spicy food, she brought me a bottle of caribbean scotch bonnet and dared me to shake it the way I shake my tabasco ( I eat lunch at the cafeteria, always have a bottle of tabasco)
It was so hot that my eyes even popped out as well as had GI upset !


After trying quite a few, I’ve settled into keeping around Cholula Original, Marie Sharp Original Habanero, and El Yucateco Chipotle.

Some others I like that are pretty easy to find are Cholula Chipotle, Cholula Chili Garlic, Tabanero Picante, El Yucateco Habanero (Red), and Valentina Black Label.

A couple more I like that may not be as easy to find are Burns & McCoy Smoked Habanero Roasted Garlic and Saso Strawbanero.


The UK weather last year allowed my habanero plant to be fairly productive and I made my first hot sauce. I tempered the heat with some papaya and mango, but it’s still potent stuff and taking me a while to get through - delicious though. It still seems good keeping it in the fridge, hopefully there’s enough vinegar in it to prevent me dying of botulism or some other nasty.

I also made a sweeter tomato based sauce with Apache chillis which still packs a punch.

Other than that, sriracha and tobasco. But haven’t reached for either in a while, trying to get through the homemade supplies.


Apache Chilis?
Is this a Hatch variation?


Sorry but cannot stand Cholula products
There is some ingredient in it that turns me off.
Remember out on the boat, stopped somewhere for lunch, ordered crabs
They only had Cholula products, no tabasco.
My husband and I told them to wrap up the crabs, brought them home
I saw Saso products but cannot find it except in Amazon which is too pricey
Wanted to try but am not fond of fruits in my tabasco such as strawberry or pineapple.
Just my t tastebud i suppose. Never did like fruits in my salad either except dried cherry with some pine nuts


Well, it’s a good thing that there are so many hot sauces because there are plenty I do not like. Tabasco is near the top of my list of those. It’s just nasty to me. Actually, I haven’t run into any Louisiana style hot sauces that I’ve liked.

Not sure what it might be that puts you off of Cholula. Maybe pequin peppers? Those aren’t very common and are fairly distinctive. Xanthan gum might be the culprit, but I think it’s the last item on their ingredient list, so there’s probably not much in there.

My local Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage carries Saso hot sauce, but Saso is produced in Colorado which might be why they carry it here. Don’t know if other Natural Grocers carry Saso because my local store is the only one I’ve ever been in. Saso makes a pequin sauce, so that might be something to try to see if it’s pequin pepper that you don’t like in Cholula. I haven’t tried Saso Pequin yet, so I can’t say how it compares to Cholula.


hate to buy stuff that stays o the shelf
i have lots of canned goods that have to be given away
they expired but still good as every once in a while, I would open a can if I am out of food and hungry.
However, not even the pantry wants it if it is expired, neither did petco wants it
( I have a case of green beans th at my oral surgeon says his dogs love. I went to buy one can and they devoured it. So my son bought a case of 24. DOGS WOULD NTO GO NEAR IT! just found it has expired Petco says it is not dog food, does not want it! Took it to the food pantry for people whoare poor and go there for free food. They refuse to accept it also)
I am very used to Xanthum and guar gum bec I bake with it for gluten free cookies, cake etc.
Maybe I will see Saso one of these days but until then, it will be regular tabasco and tabasco chipotle which unfortunately are no longer available at Costco.


Apache are an F1 hybrid, seem to be quite commonly sold in UK garden centers. Small, thin walled chillis, around 70k SHU. Hugely prolific, sometimes the plant looked ridiculous with the shear number of chillis it had on it. I think their time to fruit is quick which is why they are so common over here, where our summers are very variable and often disappointing.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Confused. You tried to GIVE a case of canned beans to the local store of the PetCo national retail chain? Why? To sell to their customers? To give away to customers? To feed the cats, reptiles and turtles they sell? Of course they didn’t want it.