Hot Dogs!

I’m not sure if it was here that I read a rec for Fork In The Road hot dogs as making a good natural casing dog, but my test was disappointing. I made a trip to Whole Foods and bought a package of their Honest Dogs thinking I’d read that was the one of their two dog offerings that had natural casings.

Verdict: NO SNAP! So I don’t know if I got the wrong kind or if I read wrong. Kindof a bland dig to boot. Back to the only one I can seem to find here - Hoffy.

I just found out . Those frankfurters I posted . Have lamb casings. Nice

Okay……. I just googled again and found a different part of the Fork in the road site. I bought the wrong dogs!! It’s their MIGHTY GOOD DOGS that have lamb casings. I should have realized it when the dog split during cooking. Oh well…… live and learn.

New technique

Nothing new about that unless the neophyte is 20 years old or less.


Yep, that’s how I cook mine, but I add a dab of butter to the water.

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Topped off my breakfast this morning with an HEB natural casing beef Old World Frankfurter. A pretty good dog.

Then I go online and find this heartwarming and uplifting story:

The day is off to a really good start :smiley:.

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Chili Dogs!

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My first Taiwanese hot dog/sausage on a bun