Hot Dogs!

I haven’t tried too many versions yet.

I’ve made Sonoran dogs.

In the East Bay, we used to visit Kaspar’s or Caspers. My last visit was to Caspers in Hayward.

I recently tried a Korean Rice Dog (cousin to a corn dog). Beef hot dog with sweet mayo, honey butter and spicy butter.

I’ve had Frankfurters in Germany, often are served in a pair, on a plate, no bun.

I took the subway to try a Nathan’s Coney Island at Coney Island 20ish years ago.

I tried a Coney Dog in Detroit in 2018, at Zeff’s.

I like choripan- cousin to a hot dog in a bun, could be made with a hot dog.

I’ve tried a lot of street meat, in Toronto and in NYC.


Favorite hot dog stand = Shoestring in Placerville, CA

Favorite supermarket hot dog = Miller’s


The quality of the dog is more important than any toppings.
Miller’s are great. We get them up here. I believe they are, or were, the official Oakland A’s hotdog, served at games.
That chart is whack.


The article has an interesting take on how the “world” makes hotdogs with only 23 of the 40 supposedly representing countries outside the States.

I don’t agree.

Some of these treatments can turn an average hot dog into a delicious hot dog!

If you buy a fancy, quality hot dog, I can see keeping it simple.

I still have room in my heart for these blingy hot dogs!

I don’t expect too much from these kinds of articles.

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More lists of hot dogs from around the world

There was a huge hotdog contingent on Roadfood,
centered on NJ and NY.
Lots of regional brands back there.
Most of those guys are on Hot Dog Nation on FB.
I invited some here but they didn’t stick around.
There’s all beef, all pork, beef and pork, veal and pork, and lots more variations.
General rule is supermarket brands mostly aren’t worth the time.
Spend more and get the good stuff.

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I just noticed on the Miller’s site that their (instant) chili dog recipe recommends Kinder’s Chili Seasoning.

Never heard of it… but the local Safeway has it. Anybody here tried it?


I spent the last year trying local hot dogs and fancy hot dogs, from our grocery stores. One included a wagyu dog.

I like our local hot dog producer, Metzger Meats, but I like some national Canadian brands.

I had one package of relativity expensive.,locally made, allegedly better quality hot dogs turn a weird colour in the fridge less than 5 days after opening the pack, so that made me realize that sometimes more preservatives can be a good thing.

In the States, I go out for hot dogs, I don’t cook them. Apart from Nathan’s (from a cart), Sabrett (from a cart), Hebrew National (from a cart), Caspers (from a shop), and whatever brand Zeff’s uses, I have no experience with American hot dog brands.

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That’s right near me, and although I haven’t seen this exhibit, the museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.


Curry powder, onions, mayo, mustard, bacon, dill, cheese, spring onions, gherkins!

Though I am not really a fan of hot dogs, this Brazilian style hot dog I got at an area music festival several years back is my kind of thing. So many toppings. I am all about the bling.


Thanks for the link!
I’ve been eating more hot dogs in my late 40s. I probably only had a dozen hot dogs from 25-45. Now I average one a month.

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Much as I like Tom Kerridge (we plan to visit his 2* place later in the year), this isnt a hotdog in the sense I’d usually understand it. Doesnt a hotdog have to be a frankfurter or similar? Otherwise, it’s just a sausage sandwich isn’t it?

But, if not, does today’s lunch of a sandwich using sausage leftover from yesterday’s breakfast count? Sliced lengthways onto the bread with a hefty dollop of homemade courgette pickle for a bit of tang.


A hot dog in North America should be a frankfurter or wiener in terms of shape and diameter, but some hot dogs are thicker than others.

Choripan / South American sausage on a bun sometimes uses hot dogs/wieners/Frankfurters, even though the word comes from chorizo.

Sure, I will say what you describe counts.

I like less barriers.

I often do split my hot dogs in half if I fry them in a pan.

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