Hoppin' John recipes/suggestions

I’m looking for a really good, tried-and-true recipe for Hoppin’ John.

I have a pound of black-eyed peas, already soaked overnight, as ideally I want to cook this today and let it “get happy” overnight. I plan(ned) to use a large ham hock and “holy trinity” veg. I have a 1-lb. package of Charleston Gold Aromatic rice that I’ve not previously tried, as well as basmati and jasmine rice (both white and brown).

I’d also appreciate your suggestions as to preferred type of rice for this dish, whether to cook the rice in with the beans or serve the beans over the rice, other possible meat(s) or ingredients, etc.

Many thanks, and best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and safe new year!


I have been using the David Tanis NYT recipe since it was published back in 2014. It does a very nice job. Add rice to make it Hoppin’ John.


I’m watching eagerly. I can’t say I have a recipe, but I make a variation every year.

Since in the SF Bay Area I’ve liked those with crab when I can get it.

I also like an Ethiopian version, but I don’t know that it can be called Hoppin John.

Y’all. Tell me you’ve never been in the South without saying you’ve never been in the south.

Boil one large ham hock or two small (or jowls…or neck bones) with a roughly chopped onion and a Bay leaf or two in until meat is falling off the bone. Remove pork and bay leaf from water and remove the meat from the bones. Discard bones and bay leaf and roughly chop the meat.

Add 3C soaked beans (2c dry) to the stock and simmer for 35-40 min or til tender. Add chopped meat, a healthy dose of Crystal hot sauce (to taste), and stir well.

In another pan, bring 2C water (500ml) to a boil with a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of butter. When water boils, add 1C long grain white rice and return to boil. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer 20 min or until water is evaporated) fluff with a fork.

Combine rice and peas and stir well. Enjoy…for New Years. Make sure they’re accompanied by a large serving of greens